Google unveils Android Auto 11.8: enhancements, fixes, and a fresh feature

Google unveils Android Auto 11.8

Google swiftly introduces Android Auto 11.8, signaling a shift away from prolonged beta testing. This update, released shortly after version 11.7, prioritizes performance enhancements, bug fixes, and a notable addition: support for phone icons and wallpapers on the Android Auto screen. Addressing a persistent voice command issue in WhatsApp, Google ensures a smoother user experience. Accessible via the Google Play Store or direct download, Android Auto 11.8 promises to streamline the in-car digital experience.

Top 4 Cryptocurrencies to Watch This Week


The crypto market is alive with action! Bitcoin’s halving and Telegram’s integration of Tether payments have analysts re-evaluating their predictions. This week, keep an eye on Bitcoin (BTC) to see how it reacts to the halving, Tether (USDT) to see how Telegram integration impacts adoption, and Solana (SOL) as it continues its impressive run. Remember, this is not financial advice, do your own research before investing.

Stablecoin Tether rise in emerging markets as Dollar alternative


Tether, a stablecoin designed to match the value of the U.S. dollar, is experiencing significant growth in emerging markets where access to traditional currency is limited. CEO Paolo Ardoino notes a shift from pure cryptocurrency trading to Tether becoming the preferred digital dollar, particularly in countries like Argentina, Turkey, and Vietnam.

Pavel Durov reveals new Telegram blockchain features

During the Token2049 conference in Dubai, Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov unveiled a groundbreaking vision, transforming how users engage with Toncoin (TON) and NFTs within the platform. With features like direct payments in TON for advertising services, tipping content creators, and trading stickers as NFTs, Telegram is poised to redefine social media interaction on a decentralized frontier.