Full List of NHIF Accredited Hospitals in Nairobi

list of nhif accredited hospitals nairobi kenya
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Here’s the full list of nhif accredited hospitals in nairobi where you could register as your Outpatient Health Facility in Kenya.
In this article is the full list of nhif accredited hospitals in nairobi. This includes Government of Kenya (GOK) HCPs, Mission HCPs, Private and Total Empaneled and Contracted Outpatient Hospitals.

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NHIF Registration Requirements for the Self Employed

Table of Contents As a Self employed person or Employed person or member of an Organized Group in Kenya, your NHIF requirements for application include the following: Download the NHIF Registration form and make sure you tick “Self Employed”. In the next input field, tick “Registration” Fill in all the necessary information and attach the … Read more