Google unveils Android Auto 11.8: enhancements, fixes, and a fresh feature

Google has swiftly followed up its recent Android Auto 11.7 release with a fresh stable update, version 11.8. This rapid succession of updates suggests a shift away from prolonged beta testing, with Google now making updates available to the wider public more frequently. Interestingly, this is the second consecutive update to bypass the beta program entirely.

As customary, Google hasn’t provided a detailed changelog for the Android Auto 11.8 stable update. However, indications suggest that this iteration is primarily focused on performance enhancements and bug fixes rather than introducing new features. Nevertheless, amidst the tweaks lies a notable addition that’s been gradually rolling out: support for the phone icon and wallpaper on the Android Auto screen, aimed at establishing visual continuity.

Google typically staggers the rollout of new Android Auto features across different regions, and this latest addition follows that pattern. If you haven’t yet received these enhancements, it’s advisable to update to the latest version of Android Auto, ensuring you’re primed for the new features when they arrive in your area.

In addition to feature enhancements, Google has addressed a lingering issue with voice commands in WhatsApp. This particular glitch, originating from WhatsApp itself, has now been rectified. For users still encountering difficulties with voice commands while utilizing WhatsApp, updating to Android Auto 11.8 should provide a solution.

Accessing the Android Auto 11.8 stable update is straightforward. While it may take some time for the update to reach all users via the Google Play Store, those eager to get their hands on it can opt to download the APK file directly. Simply follow the provided link to acquire the stable build and enjoy the latest improvements to the Android Auto experience.

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