Pavel Durov reveals new Telegram blockchain features

During the Token2049 conference in Dubai, Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, unveiled a series of groundbreaking features that will revolutionize how ordinary users interact with Toncoin (TON) within the Telegram ecosystem.

Commencing from April 19, the platform will initiate the first payments in TON for advertising services to channel administrators, marking a significant leap in integrating cryptocurrency into everyday transactions.

Moreover, users will soon have the ability to tip channel administrators in TON, with content creators receiving a share of the proceeds.

Additionally, Telegram users will have the opportunity to engage in the buying and selling of stickers as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), with a remarkable 95% of the proceeds directed towards the sticker artists, heralding a new era of empowerment for digital content creators.

Durov emphasized the potential value appreciation of NFT stickers over time, highlighting their enduring popularity and the lucrative opportunities they present for both creators and collectors.

Furthermore, Telegram will introduce mini-applications where users can purchase content using cryptocurrencies, expanding the platform’s utility and accessibility within the burgeoning crypto landscape.

In a groundbreaking move, Telegram users will be able to share TON directly with their contacts during conversations, streamlining peer-to-peer transactions within the messaging platform.

Durov also announced plans to enable users to log into their accounts using cryptocurrency wallets, enhancing security and user control over their digital identities.

Furthermore, Telegram aims to introduce a feature allowing users to register the rights to their account names, paving the way for potential resale and auction of usernames.

Durov emphasized that these innovations will be seamlessly accessible to all users without the need for programming skills, democratizing access to the benefits of blockchain technology within the social media realm.

The integration of TON into the Telegram ecosystem has garnered significant attention, with the network recently joining the list of blockchain platforms supporting the largest stablecoin by capitalization, USDT.

Speculation surrounding the potential launch of USDT on TON surfaced in early April, following the announcement of a joint appearance by Durov and Paolo Ardoino, the head of Tether, at a crypto conference in Dubai.

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