Amnesty International says Nigeria must block Shell asset sale now

Amnesty International, alongside other civil society groups, is urging the Nigerian government to halt Shell Plc’s proposed $1.3 billion sale of its onshore oil business in Nigeria to Renaissance Africa Energy. They argue that the sale should be stopped until adequate safeguards for human rights and environmental protection are established. This call comes amidst concerns about the potential risk of neglecting existing pollution and the well-being of local communities.

Report: Cyberattacks against African Businesses surge by 20% in Q1 2024

In the latest report, it’s revealed that cyberattacks targeting African businesses have surged by a significant 20% in the first quarter of 2024. This alarming increase highlights the growing vulnerability of businesses across the continent to online threats. From small enterprises to large corporations, the impact of these cyber onslaughts is felt deeply, emphasizing the urgent need for enhanced cybersecurity measures to safeguard against future attacks.

EFCC to arrest Establishments such as Hotels and Supermarket charging Customers in Dollars


In a bold move aimed at safeguarding Nigeria’s economy, EFCC warns against illegal dollarization in Nigeria. The agency’s crackdown on currency trading in Nigeria’s economy intensifies, with recent arrests and calls for legislative support for anti-corruption efforts. Know more.

FG’s shortlisted 10 startups for 4IRTA Grant

Federal Government, through the Ministry of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, has unveiled 10 promising startups selected for the N10 million 4IRTA grant. This initiative, aimed at propelling innovation in the realm of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies, attracted applications from across the country, showcasing the depth and diversity of Nigerian entrepreneurial spirit. The chosen … Read more

MESL begins operations at $1.3 billion Zenguru Power Plant

Niger State in Nigeria witnessed a major boost to its energy landscape today as the concessionaire, Mainstream Energy Solutions Limited (MESL), officially commenced operations at the Zungeru Hydropower Plant. This $1.3 billion behemoth, facilitated from China, perched on the Kaduna River, marks a significant milestone in the country’s quest for improved power generation and distribution. … Read more