Another Lawsuit Strike Microsoft and OpenAI over Infringed of Copyrights

Is this not too much? In 2023, Microsoft and OpenAI faced many lawsuits ranging from breaking Eu’s rules to allegedly infringing authors and journalism copyrighted works. Last week, The New York Times sued OpenAi and Microsoft over the misuse of its journalists’ work to train its artificial-intelligence models behind the popular chatbot ChatGPT and other … Read more

Israeli Fighter Drones Killed Hamas Deputy Chief in Beirut

Key Points: Saleh al-Arouri, Hamas deputy chief, was killed in a drone strike on a Hamas office in Beirut’s southern suburbs. The strike marks the first targeted assassination of a Hamas official outside Palestinian territories since October 2023. Israel neither confirmed nor denied responsibility, but its adviser indicated it targeted Hamas leadership. Hamas condemned the … Read more

Tech Giant Xiaomi Launched First Electric Car “SU7”

Beijing, China – Renowned consumer electronics leader Xiaomi has sent shockwaves through the automotive industry with the unveiling of its maiden electric vehicle, the aptly named SU7. This sleek sedan marks Xiaomi’s ambitious foray into the rapidly growing EV market, setting its sights on becoming a major player within the next two decades. The SU7, … Read more

Two South Koreans Freed After Nigerian Kidnapping

SEOUL, South Korea – After a harrowing 17 days in captivity, two South Korean nationals have been released unharmed following their abduction by an armed group in southern Nigeria. The news brought immense relief to their families and the Korean government, who had been working tirelessly to secure their safe return. The two men, employees … Read more