How to Know GTB Account Type: Easy Methods

The Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) offers two different bank account types: Savings Accounts and Current Accounts. However, these accounts have sub-accounts that offers different features and benefits.

Knowing your GTB Account Type is essential to discover all the benefits and features that come in hand with the account and to know your limits on the banking system. Hence, we are going to walk you through how you can know your GTB Account Type.

But before that, let’s dive into the GTB savings and current accounts and the sub-accounts associated to them so that you can get full insights of how these accounts works, their features and advantages.

GTB Account Types

Their are two bank accounts in the GTB Banking System: The Savings Account and The Current Account. The savings account is popular among individual between the age of 18 to 65 in Nigeria. However, the current is meant for business purposes (both local and international) only.

1. GTB Savings Accounts

With GT Bank Savings Account, you can save, send, spend and receive money without stress. All that’s required to open this account is your full legal names, BVN and valid national identity card.

This bank account offers high interest rate, low charges, and savings and investment features. However, the GTB Savings can be categorized into six (6) sub-accounts and they are:

  1. GT Save Account
  2. GT Patriot Account
  3. GT Target Account
  4. GT Crea8 E-savers Account
  5. GT Smart Kids Save Account
  6. GT Call Account
  7. GT Fixed and Tenure Deposit Account
  8. GT Instant Account

The GTBank’s Savings accounts are tailored to meet various financial needs and preferences. These accounts cater to different demographics and purposes, providing a comprehensive suite of features. Below are the most popular options among customers:

1. GTSave: A fundamental savings account offering competitive interest rates. No monthly fees, ensuring a straightforward savings experience.

2. GT Target: Ideal for saving towards specific goals, such as a home down payment or dream vacation. Facilitates regular monthly transfers, accompanied by an enhanced interest rate.

3. GTCrea8: If you’re a student, then the GTCrea8 Savings Account is perfect for you. Benefits include a complimentary GTBank debit card, free cash withdrawals at GTBank ATMs, and movie ticket discounts.

2. GTB Current Accounts

Current Accounts is for business purposes only. If you’re running a company, it’s advisable to open a current to separate management of business’s savings from personal savings.

GT Bank offers six sub-accounts of Current Accounts and they’re:

  1. GT Current Accounts: The Individual and Corporate Account.
  2. GT eAccount
  3. GT Domiciliary
  4. GT Max
  5. GT Seniors Account
  6. GT Fixed and Tenure Deposit

GTBank provides a range of current accounts designed to meet the dynamic financial needs of individuals and businesses.

These accounts offer various features and services, enhancing financial management and transactional efficiency. Here are key insights into GTBank’s Current Accounts:

1. Current Account Options: GTBank offers different types of current accounts, catering to diverse customer requirements. These accounts may include features such as overdraft facilities, personalized checkbooks, and online banking access.

2. Corporate Current Account: Tailored for businesses and corporate entities. Provides comprehensive banking solutions, including payroll management, electronic fund transfers, and access to a dedicated relationship manager.

3. Individual Current Account: Geared towards individuals with regular banking needs. Offers flexibility in managing day-to-day transactions and may include benefits such as a debit card and online banking access.

How to Know your GTB Account Type

Really, it will be difficult to know your GT Bank Account Type if you don’t memorize it while you were filing the opening account form. However, some GT Bank App will show your account type as it’s shown in the FCMB dashboard below:

But if you cannot find your account type in the GTWorld App, you can simply contact the customer care service to make enquiries. Moreover, you can contact your account manager via email or call to find out your GTB Account Type.

Another way to know your GTB Account Type is through bank statement. Your bank statement will typically list your account type at the top of the statement. To download your account statement, login to your online banking account or app and go-to history for more details.

In conclusion, do note that your account type is not the same as your account number. Your account number is a unique identifier for your account, while your account type is a classification of your account based on its features and benefits.

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