Crypto Better SIM Details and Blockchain SIM Card Explained

Hello! Here, we’re going to be walking you through everything needed to know about the Blockchain-Backed SIM card popularly known as Crypto Better SIM Cards. As we all know that Blockchain technology is continuingly reshaping various industries, and one intriguing innovation is the Blockchain-Backed SIM card or Crypto SIM Card. In this post, we’ve explored … Read more

Banks to pay Dollars while IMTOs and other diaspora Remittances will now pay in Naira – CBN

On February 13, 2024, the Central Bank of Nigeria implemented Stricter Guidelines for International Money Transfer Services. Introduction: The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has restricted the operations of international money transfer operators (IMTOs) to only inbound transfers, halting outbound transfers. In addition to this, these inbound transfers can only be paid out in Naira. … Read more

DOM transfers and Cash pickups No Longer Available on Wirepay

In a significant development affecting international money transfers, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has announced revised policies for International Money Transfer Operators (IMTOs), which directly impact services provided by Wirepay. Not just Wirepay though, all other IMTOs are affected. What’s Changing with International Money Transfers on Wirepay? What Does This Mean for You as … Read more

Posta Passport Tracking in Kenya. Everything you should know

Introduction Kenya’s Directorate of Immigration just partnered with Posta to quickly deliver passports across Kenya. Because of this, you can now track your Passport documents on the Posta website. Here are the steps to track your passport in Kenya using a tracking number on the Posta website, via SMS and using the eCitizen portal Posta … Read more

9 Loan Apps that require Mpesa Statement

Introduction The proliferation of mobile loans has revolutionized the borrowing landscape, offering unparalleled convenience compared to traditional lending institutions. Key to this accessibility is the minimal eligibility criteria, including being 18 years or older, owning a smartphone, and being an active M-Pesa user. However, additional factors, such as M-Pesa statements, play a crucial role in … Read more