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Untrusted affiliate networks and programs you shouldnt join

Untrusted Affiliate Networks and Programs 

Although, Affiliate Marketing is the basic method most internet marketer use to generate reward for their hard works. Which simply means, affiliate networks and programs has been generating a passive income by using affiliate marketing to monetize their products. Let quickly take a tour through affiliate marketing and how it works for better understanding of this article.

What is affiliate marketing and how does it works + the terms Networks and Programs

Affiliate Marketing is best described as an agreement in which a business[ Merchant ] pay another business or influencer[ the affiliate ] a commission for making a conversion / sales. The can be done through affiliate links provided by the merchant. The link is used by the to track where the sales is coming from and it is used by the affiliate to lead sales to the merchant site.

How does it works?

Affiliate Marketing generally involves three parties, the merchant [producer], the affiliate [promote], and the consumer [buyer]. When a deal is completed through these three layers, it is called affiliate marketing. I already published an article about Affiliate Marketing and how it works. [Full Toturial].

Terms – Affiliate Network and Affiliate Program

Affiliate Network is a business or a market place where both publisher and advertiser meet to negotiate. In some Networks, the negotiations is done , it left for the publisher to come and choose from the varieties of product available. 
Hence, Affiliate Program is a method that most company use to drive sales to their products. Its totally different from Network. This method required merchant- directly-to-affiliate [promota]. Some examples are bluehost affiliate program, constant affiliate program etc. There are types of Affiliate you can do maybe as a niche, such as
  1. News and Media Affiliate
  2. Review site Affiliate
  3. Shopping site Affiliate
  4. Search/SEO Affiliate
  5. Webmaster Affiliate
  6. Email Affiliate
  7. Huge web properties Affiliate
  8. Sales of Course
  9. Bloggers Affiliate etc.
Read more about Affiliate Network and programs in the article left above ⬆️⇑
Without wasting much time on explaining Affiliate Marketing and it terms, let move to the deal reason you are here for. 

Affiliate Network and Programs you shouldn’t join and why

Yes! In this section, I will be reviewing about some affiliate networks and programs you shouldn’t join and why you should not join.
  1. Affiliate Marketing and terms Networks and programs
  2. Reasons you shouldn’t join
  3. Untrusted affiliate networks and programs you shouldn’t join
To start with, reasons you shouldn’t join. Affiliate Marketing and it terms has been mentioned above and a link is provided to full tutorial of affiliate marketing. But this article is meant to explain some affiliate networks and programs you shouldn’t join and why you should not join them.

Reasons you shouldn’t join

Below are the following reasons you shouldn’t  join the affiliate networks and programs I will list under. 
  1. Payment
  2. Untrusted merchant
  3. Difficult task
  4. Required money to sign up
  5. Country barrier [no hack payment]
  6. Adults content
  7. Fake landing page
  8. Popunder

1. Payment

Some affiliate networks and programs will set their minimum payout to a high task in which publisher that did not stand well on his fit will not be able to cashout despite the hard work he might have done. A maximum minimum threshold should be set to $100 base on the product promoting. Note, maximum-minimum.

2. Untrusted merchant

For those of you affiliating products, do research on the merchant you will be promote his products. Know the merchant rate and the trusted company he has gain since he started. Know the the merchant site as a good one with features to consider like customer care service, chatbot, clean templated site, easy payment and so on. If you work with merchant that did not possess all these good features, you may end up losing your audience trust and credibility, and also you authority as a content creator will be reduced.

3. Difficult task

Some affiliate networks and programs will demand from you a difficult fast you will never complete till the world ends. Some will even wait till your payout day and start to ask for all sorts of questions and if you are succeeded In the questions aspects, they will ask you to complete a task before you get paid and to my surprise, it will be a silly task that you can never complete.

4. Required money to start

Don’t join any affiliate networks or program that demands money from you to sign up. They are all scam. Internet allow any body to stay anywhere to fraud people. Many of them will sit at the corner of their busy creating fake website and ask user to pay to get them sign up and promise them thousands of dollars in weeks, in fact, some in a day. 
Facts – don’t join any affiliate networks or program that required money to sign up.  

5. Country barrier

Payment methods should be your first priority when signing up to any affiliate networks or program. Check whether your country support their payment methods. Also check the whether the network or program support your country. And also, know whether there is any available product that will be beat for you to promote in your country. If care is not taking in the country barrier aspect, you may end up watching your money on the dashboard and you won’t have access to it.

6. Adults content

Avoid affiliate networks and programs that supplies adults content on a publisher website unless your are promoting on adult site. Because this will chase away your audience search bot will detect the adult content on your site which may cause more harm to the SEO.

7. Fake landing page

Avoid affiliate networks and programs that offer you affiliate link in which the link goes to another page entirely different from the description on the snippets. This will cause more hard by loosing your audience trust.

8. Pounder

Avoid pop under affiliate networks and programs, they cause more damage to your site. When a visitor click on any link on your site, the pop under embedded code will activate and lead the visitor to another page which may and may not be your visitor interest.
Those are the reasons I highlighted for you not to join the below affiliate networks and programs.

Affiliate Networks and Programs you shouldn’t join and why

The first network I will be talking about is surprise? Hold on.

1. Media.Net

I know you will be surprise to see as part of those network you shouldn’t join. Yea I have my reasons, experience reasons indeed.
Although, as implies by them, they are the second leading Ad network worldwide. But this is only applicable to certain countries. work only at top countries like UK, US, and Canada. The rest of the world are left alone with their forks. I signup and used them for good 6month, I yield nothing but $0, yea I mean $0.000. Not even a cent. Anyways, they work best with website that generate 90% of her visitors from those top countries mentioned above.

Site :

Type: Ad network

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