Google unveils Android Auto 11.8: enhancements, fixes, and a fresh feature

Google unveils Android Auto 11.8

Google swiftly introduces Android Auto 11.8, signaling a shift away from prolonged beta testing. This update, released shortly after version 11.7, prioritizes performance enhancements, bug fixes, and a notable addition: support for phone icons and wallpapers on the Android Auto screen. Addressing a persistent voice command issue in WhatsApp, Google ensures a smoother user experience. Accessible via the Google Play Store or direct download, Android Auto 11.8 promises to streamline the in-car digital experience.

Telegram poised to reach one billion monthly users, Durov forecasts


Pavel Durov predicts Telegram will surpass one billion monthly users soon, citing its rapid growth akin to a “forest fire.” With 900 million already, it remains committed to neutrality amid governmental pressures. Talks of a U.S. listing circulate as its influence expands, notably in conflict zones. Durov’s journey from Russia underscores his dedication to platform independence.