Buying Airtel Airtime from Mpesa in Kenya in 2024

Buying Airtel airtime from Mpesa in Kenya is quite straightforward. Just follow all the steps that would be listed in this article to buy Airtel airtime from Mpesa in Kenya. The convenience of topping up your mobile phone’s airtime is essential. M-Pesa, a mobile money service in Kenya, offers a hassle-free way to purchase Airtel … Read more

One Dollar to Naira Today Black Market Exchange Rate

One dollar today in the black market is equivalent to 1,485 Naira

One dollar today, 13th February 2024 in the black market is equivalent to ₦1,517.300. We update this figure every day so it’s always the latest update on the current black market one dollar to naira exchange rate (AbokiFx). Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate Today Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rates Amount in … Read more

How to Withdraw Money from Paypal to Mpesa: Detailed Guide

Withdraw, Send, transfer money from PayPal to mpesa Here’s how to transfer money from Paypal to Mpesa. Use this guide to smoothly make your withdrawals from Paypal to Mpesa. Here are the steps to follow MPESA or Equity Bank are the two options available for you to withdraw your money out of your Paypal account. … Read more

Kevin Worth, Former CEO of Coindesk Fired. Replaced by Sara Stratoberdha.

Significant changes are happening at CoinDesk, a major player in cryptocurrency media. This is just two months after Bullish acquired CoinDesk from Digital Currency Group. Kevin Worth, the former CEO of Coindesk who has been in charge since 2017 has been replaced with Sara Stratoberdha. Also, several top executives are leaving. This includes Chief Operating … Read more

Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate Today AbokiFx February 9, 2024

1 US Dollar (1$) today February 9th, 2024, in the Black Market Exchange rate (Aboki Fx) is equivalent to ₦1,495 (NGN – Nigerian Naira). This is today’s current black market exchange rate and it’s what you’ll get from Mallam’s, Abokis, and BDCs (Bureau De Change) all over the country. The black market exchange rate is … Read more

Renmoney Loan Calculator

Renmoney loan calculator

This Renmoney Loan calculator allows you to easily calculate the amount of loan you can get from Renmoney depending on your Employment type and your monthly income. We’ve also built a widget for this Renmoney Loan Calculator so that you can easily embed it into your website by adding the script to your website’s Head … Read more

Nigeria Bank Cards that Work for Apple Music Subscription

Bank cards you can use for Apple Music subscription are Access Bank, Uba Mastercard, and Zenith debit cards. Virtual cards you can use for Apple Music subscription include Chipper Cash, Bard, and Payday virtual cards. Bank Cards that Work on Apple Music in Nigeria Here’s the list of bank cards that can be used to … Read more