Tesla Humanoid Robots: From Lab to Market

A humanoid robot, like a human but made of metal and wires, is still being worked on in the lab. But the boss of the company, Elon Musk, said it might be ready to be sold by the end of next year. Some companies are interested in these robots because they can help with jobs that are boring or dangerous, like in warehouses or factories.

Musk thinks his company’s robot, called Optimus, will be able to work in factories by the end of this year. Other companies, like Honda and Hyundai’s Boston Dynamics, have been working on humanoid robots for years.

This year, a company called Figure, with support from Microsoft and Nvidia, said they will work with BMW to use humanoid robots in their factories in the United States.

Elon Musk, who is a very rich person, has said that selling robots might become a big part of Tesla’s business. He thinks Tesla is in a good position to make lots of robots efficiently because of their smart technology.

But sometimes Musk promises big things and they don’t happen. In 2019, he said Tesla would have self-driving cars by 2020, but it didn’t happen. In 2022, Tesla showed off its first version of the Optimus robot, and this year they showed a video of a newer version folding a T-shirt.

Figure also released a video of their robot making coffee, and Boston Dynamics showed off their robot doing some cool moves last week.

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