Meta to temporarily shut down Threads App in Turkey following dispute with authorities

Social media giant Meta Platforms announced on Monday that it will temporarily suspend its Threads app in Turkey starting April 29th. This decision comes after a disagreement with the Turkish Competition Authority (TCA) regarding data sharing practices between Threads and Instagram.

The TCA alleges that Meta leveraged its dominant market position to unfairly combine user data from both platforms without obtaining explicit consent. Meta, however, maintains it adheres to all Turkish data regulations and plans to appeal the interim order.

“We disagree with the TCA’s interim order,” stated Meta in a press release. “We believe we are in compliance with all Turkish legal requirements.”

Despite the appeal, Meta will comply with the order to avoid further complications. The shutdown will only affect Threads, with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp continuing to operate normally in Turkey.

Threads users in Turkey will be offered the option to deactivate their accounts, preserving their data for potential reactivation if the app returns. Alternatively, they can choose to permanently delete their profiles.

This is not the first time Threads has faced regulatory hurdles. The app, designed for close friend groups, has had previous issues in other markets. Whether Threads will be reinstated in Turkey remains to be seen, with the outcome hinging on the results of the ongoing appeal.

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