Sportybet Balance Adder Apk: Real or Fake

Sportybet balance adder apk is not real but it is fake and is  just another scam for gullible degenerate gamblers

Is Sportybet Balance Adder Apk Real or Fake?

First of all, what you must know about sportybet balance adders is that they are promising you that they will have sportybet and increase your balance without going through the right means. The question you should be asking yourself if this: “Why would anyone with the capacity to do this be giving it away?” They could just increase their own balance to infinity and keep withdrawing funds without having to ‘sell’ it to anyone. But yeah, you guessed right, they can’t!

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s is a thread on nairaland of a guy scammed by sportybet balance adder apk fake marauders.

Here is his exact message stating how he was scammed by a sportybet balance adder scam app

Las. Las I am scammed…… I never knew nothing about this sportybet of a thing… Nah so someone sweet talk me into it.
Now my 3k and 10k and 7k… Still even requesting for more… Both don vanish
I no see anything again… The 101,000 I no see am again… They even stole. My account

Abeg if you fit help me dm… ********* – cosmos2000

Here are some of the responses he got

Omo naso dem collect my 100k oh lol, with this same Sportybet hacker, I just dey see debit alert till my money finish, please don’t be greedy in this life, na lesson wey i teach myself be that – Daytrader1

I almost fell for this scam as well. The idiot was wearing a dope suit like GTB bank manager whose branch just hit their annual target. After exchanging pleasantries, he asks if I had a sportybet account I said no. He now asks me to proceed and open one quickly so he can activate the stuff for me.

I proceeded to open the account afterwards, he ask me to fund it so he can get started. All of a sudden, my thinking cap came to the fore. I just ignore the guy’s instructions and later on block his ass.

Ever since then different niggas have been hitting me up on WhatsApp and I have been consistent in blocking their ass without even giving them the audience.

Glory to God! – Robisky001

Bros ,this should be a lesson to you . Stop participating in sports’ betting. It will only ruin you financially


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Sportybet Balance Adder APK FAQ

1. What is a Sportybet Balance Adder Apk?

A Sportybet Balance adder (apk) is an android app that to be able to increase your Sportybet account balance, adding funds to your account without having to do it properly.

2. Can I download a Sportybet Balance Adder APK?

No. Any APK or android software claiming to be a Sportybet Balance Adder is a scam and should not be taken seriously.

3. Is Sportybet Balance Adder real?

No, Sportybet Balance Adders are not real. They are scams designed to deceive users and compromise their personal information.

4. Where can I find a link for Sportybet Balance Adder?

Any link you see online is most likely a scam.

5. Can I use an old version of Sportybet Balance Adder?

There is no old or new version of Sportybet Balance Adder.

6. Why don’t Sportybet Balance Adders work?

Because if someone could actually hack Sportybet and add to their balance, they wouldn’t need to sell it to users.

7. Is there a password for Sportybet Balance Adder Apk?

No, there is no password for Sportybet Balance Adder because they are not legitimate.

8. What are the risks of using Sportybet Balance Adders?

The risks of using Sportybet Balance Adders include potential hacking of your bank account, withdrawal of funds, and the possibility of being scammed into paying a deposit fee.

9. How can I ensure the security of my Sportybet account?

Follow these steps to protect your Sportybet account:

  • Use a strong and unique password
  • Enable two-factor authentication on your account
  • Stay away from shady Sportybet hacks like Sportybet Balance Adder
  • Never give out your account information like login details to anyone
  • Contact the proper Sportybet support channels for your questions and support:
    • Telephone: 07008888888 | 09088999988
    • Email:
10. What is the best way to enjoy sports betting responsibly?

Follow these tips for responsible sports betting:

  • Stake what you can afford to lose
  • Bet on sports you actually know about
  • Follow matches so you can predict accurately
  • Do not be in a hurry to reinvest your bet winnings

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