Hustler Fund Debt Will Now Be Deducted from Mpesa

Starting from February 2nd, 2024, Hustler fund debts will now be deducted directly from Mpesa. The official source of this information is Alinur Mohamed.

Alinur Mohamed, a renowned politician and former ambassador took to his Twitter page to announce that starting from the 2nd of February, 2024, Hustler fund debts would be deducted directly from their Mpesa.

Here are some user comments on a Facebook post announcing the same update about Hustler funds.

Don’t use this number for me; I am with the hustler fund. We are Kenyans

– Kariuki Wa Nyagah


– King Bee


– Purity Jivengo

They are late

– Maraka Antony

It’s their problem if M-Shwari failed to deduct from M-Pesa

– Hannington Kembo

We have plenty of lines

– Kiptoch Leonard

Looking for a house girl help kindly

– Kehongo Mwita

However it will be, we are ready

– Meja Mwangi

Do you not know our Kenyan behavior

– Jared Wekesa

I will choose someone

– Kîngfîshêr Mtåkâtìfû

That’s why I’ve never been interested in the hustler fund; I don’t want terrorist debt

– Doreen Vincent

Jab stories

– Peninah Bola

Don’t worry; we will pay once they lower the prices of goods

– Serah Kasoha

Let me run and withdraw the money from the group that’s on M-Pesa

– Doreen Asiimwe


– Ayuma Harriet

We don’t care

– Mateva Carol

They will wait for a long time

– Levy Yamame

Stealing from people with low-cost houses, that’s foolish money

– Edward Wekesa

Ummm, you’ve made me laugh; let me silence my phone to start collecting people to send a choir to you

– Tania Tasha

God forbid

– Kipkoech Teddy

No problem

– Milkah Mweleme

Just lies

– Benstar Van Sang

We will pay the debt

– Noah Cheruu

Indeed, the day after tomorrow, that’s when you’re announcing this

– Bernad Koech

😂🤣,,, c wakate! airtel iko

– Maxwel Maluvi

Where did you hear that?

– Olubi Kayianka

There is no way Safaricom will accept to lose its customers; you will wait for a long time. Ask Diamond

– Samuel Kisuza


– Mary Omondi

How have you annoyed me?

– Benson Likuyani

Haha, we will pay

– Mercy Esendi

The remedy for debt is to pay

– Martin Dishon

Are you sure?

– Winnie Wesonga


Starting from February 2nd, 2024, Hustler fund debts will now be deducted directly from Mpesa. The source of this information is Alinur Mohamed and updates are still coming in concerning this. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments.

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