WhatsApp to Launch “People Nearby,” Files Sharing Features

The popular messaging app WhatsApp is launching a new feature, “People Nearby,” that could simplify file sharing in situations with limited internet access.

Spotted in the latest Android beta, “People Nearby” promises a quick and secure way to transfer files with nearby contacts, even when Wi-Fi or mobile data isn’t readily available.

This addition builds on WhatsApp’s recent increase in file size limit to 2GB, suggesting a growing focus on making the platform a comprehensive communication tool.

The “People Nearby” feature is expected to function similarly to existing nearby sharing solutions like Android’s Quick Share and Apple’s AirDrop, utilizing Bluetooth technology for direct device-to-device transfers.

Details gleaned from the beta reveal a dedicated “Share Files” section within the app, where users can browse their files and initiate transfers with nearby contacts who are also in the same section.

To ensure privacy and security, users will reportedly need to be physically close and both have the feature enabled, with the transfer process itself protected by end-to-end encryption, which WhatsApp is known for.

While an exact release date for the “People Nearby” feature remains unknown, its presence in the beta suggests it could be rolled out to the wider user base in the coming months.

However, this features have the potential to be particularly beneficial in regions with unreliable internet infrastructure or in situations where data conservation is a priority.

The arrival of “People Nearby” underscores WhatsApp’s commitment to evolving beyond a mere messaging platform, embracing functionalities that address diverse user needs and preferences. Whether sharing travel photos with your group at a remote campsite or exchanging documents during a business meeting without draining your data plan, this offline file sharing solution promises to add significant convenience and flexibility to the WhatsApp experience

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