Kmimk Review: Legit or Scam

KMIMK work from home

You must have gotten one of the kmimk messages via sms and your wondering if kmimk work from home is legit or it is a scam. Well, let’s dive deep into the message most of you must have received.

Here’s the kmimk work from home message below:

The MTN Foundation is supporting SAIL Innovation Lab to up skill Nigerian public school teachers in the SAIL Teachers Fellowship.

KMIMK’s message as shown in the screenshot is very phony and suspicious. The message reads

Dear Human Resources recommends your information, 58000 naira/day. Please contact us as soon as possible:

Another message from KMIMK reads

Dear, your job request has been successful and the salary is 78000 Naira per day. Contact information:

Now, on looking at this message carefully, there are a lot of red flags which I’d explain shortly.

  • The amount promised per day is more than the minimum wage in the country 35000 per month. The promise of that amount is too sketchy
  • The message is not well punctuated or well written.
  • The message is impersonal, they don’t know your name and must have sent it to multiple people, spamming them and you

Is kmimk legit?

No, the KMIMK work from home job is not legit but a scam and on searching for if there’s a kmimk app on the official app stores, nothing came out. The sms message is phony, suspicious and spammy. Do not engage

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