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Have you been in a situation where you wish to report a fraudulent Palmpay account and you’re not sure what to do? Well, while this might seem like a straightforward thing to do, it might become confusing quickly. 

In this article, I’d be showing you how you can report a Palmpay account via calls or online and ensure that your transactions continue to proceed safely or in an attempt to salvage a fraudulent transaction.

How to Report a Palmpay account on the Palmpay App

As early as 2022, Palmpay had added a ‘Report a Scam’ feature to their app. I’d be showing you where you can find it and how it works exactly. 

Follow the steps below to report a fraudulent transaction or account on Palmpay

  1. On the bottom navigation menu on your app, click on “Me” to visit your profile.
  2. Scroll down a little, you’d see “Report Scam”. Click on it.
  3. So the next step is to fill in all the information on this page. I’d be telling you more about that
  4. Enter the type of scam in the “Report Scam Types”
  5. The types of scam on the Palmpay app are
    1. Unauthorized Transaction: This is when someone removes money from your account without your permission or authorization and you’re trying to recover it. 
    2. Business gone bad: This is when you were duped during a transaction or you made a purchase and  your business partner has absconded with the funds without fulfilling their part of the bargain. 
    3. Online Payment and Transaction Fraud: Per adventure you pay for something online, maybe on Instagram or Jiji only to discover that you’ve been transacting with a fake page. This is the option you should select. 
    4. Impersonation / Identity theft: This is when someone contacts you claiming to be a Palmpay agent asking you for personal information like your OTP. Report the person using this option
    5. Financial and Investment Fraud: Let’s say you were a victim of an investment scheme and you just found out you’ve been defrauded. If you’ve been using your Palmpay account to transact with the investment fraudsters, then report it using this channel
    6. Flexi applied without consent: If someone uses your phone to apply for a loan on the palmpay app, use this option to report them
    7. Other: this option is for a situation where the fraud doesn’t fall into any of the categories above.
  6. Enter your Valid Phone number that Palmpay can call to clarify any details
  7. Enter the Scammer’s Palmpay account number if you know it. This field is optional
  8. Enter the Scammers contact information. Do well to enter as many as possible including Name, Email Address, Phone number, Whatsapp number, Social Media profile page, etc
  9. Fill in the “Feedback Details” with a detailed account of how exactly you were defrauded and what exactly happened. 
  10. Attach any relevant screenshots under “Attachment” and Submit the Report
  11. Palmpay will contact you via their Official Channels

PalmPay Official Channels

You can also report fraudulent Palmpay accounts or imposters or transactions via the official Palmpay channels both social media, phone number and email address

Palmpay Official Social Media Handles

Palmpay’s Official Facebook page is PalmPay Nigeria. Always look out for the verification badge. These are the,

Official Phone Number for Palmpay

Palmpay’s Official phone number is +234 1 888 6888

Palmpay Official Email Address

The official email address for palmpay is

Palmpay Official Website

Palmpay’s official website is

How to Avoid a Scam on Palmpay

Just like any other scam scenario, the first rule to know to avoid a scam on palmpay is this: “If it is too good to be true, then it probably isn’t”. What you must understand is that most times your mind will tell you that something doesn’t seem right. Don’t allow greed or hurry that the scammer is using to fool you. I’d be giving you a list of guidelines to follow to avoid being scammed on the Palmpay app. Use these as a guideline but most importantly, always do when to verify information from the official Palmpay channels which includes their website, contant numbers and contact support directly on the app to confirm anything that seems fraudulent. 
  1. Do not believe any information about Palmpay from an unverified source.
  2. Apply for a Palmpay QR Card from the Palmpay app directly. Note that Palmpay does not have an ‘ATM’ card that they give customers. 
  3. Do not trust any giveaway outside of the official Palmpay app or verified Palmpay social pages. Here are the official Palmpay channels for you to go through: Palmpay Twitter account, Palmpay Facebook Page. 
  4. Never give out any personal information. This personal information includes but is not limited to an OTP, PIN or Password because Palmpay will NEVER ask you for it. 
  5. Make sure you report any fraudulent traction or activities related to Palmpay immediately via the guidelines I’ve given you above


While this guide might not cover everything, I hope it was able to guide you on how to spot scams on Palmpay channels and how to report a scam account on Palmpay or an imposter claiming to be a Palmpay agent and scam you off your hard-earned money. 
Do well to stay safe, never give out personal information or otp, verify that the channel speaking with you is the official palmpay and palmpay will never ask you for your otp. Also make you report scams so they don’t happen to the next person or continue to scam other peoeple and you could even recover lost funds. 

Let me know what you think in the comments section. Was this article helpful? 

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