How to Increase your Palmpay Flexi Cash Loan Amount Offer


In a previous article, we explained this details of the Palmpay Flexi Cash Loan product and how to apply for it. Now, there’s a chance that this your application for a loan might be rejected or you may be given an amount far below your expectation and may wonder what you can do to fix this problem. Well, in this article, we’d be showing you what you can to to increase the loan amount give to you on Palmpay Flexi cash application.

What is Palmpay Flexi Cash Loan?

To reinterate what was previously explained in a previous post, Flexi cash loan is a Palmpay loan product that allows customers to borrow up to ₦500,000 over a period up to 6 months at interest rates that could be as low as 0.1%. They also promise fast disbursement of the loan amount (within 2 minutes). This article would be talking about the Palmpay Flexi Cash Loan and how you can apply for it.


How to Increase Flexi Cash Loan Amount

After your application for the flexi cash loan is complete and the loan amount you’ve been offered is less than optimal, follow the steps below to increase your credit rating so you can apply again and get a better loan amount.

1. Complete your OTP Verification

Do OTP verification at least once a month to increase the flexi loan cash amount you’re offered.

2. Top up Airtime

Buy more airtime of at least NGN 500 once a week. This would positively affect your credit rating.

3. Data Purchase

Purchase data plans as often as once a week. Make sure you buy data plans more than NGN 500.

4. TV Recharge

Recharge your TV with Palpay app at least once a week before you re-apply. Minimum spend to have significant credit limit upgrade is NGN3000.

5. Water Recharge

This should be done at least once a week. Top up amount should be a minimum of NGN3000. This would help increase the Flexi cash loan amount you’re offered by Palmpay.

6. Electricity Recharge

Use Palmpay to make your electricity bill purchases at least once a week. A minimum amount of NGN3000 is required for this to be taken into consideration when giving you Flexi cash loan.

7. Internet Recharge

Use Palmpay to make your internet plan purchases. A minimum of NGN3000 as well is required and this purchase should be done at least once a week to improve your chances of getting a better credit score.

8. Use the Palmpay Fixed Savings

Save at least NGN10,000 (Ten thousand naira) every month with Palmpay Fixed Savings to improve your loan amount and get better Flexi cash loan offer when you apply.

9. Add your Bank Card

Add your debit card to get a better loan offer. This debit card would help for automatic debits if your default in your loan repayment. This would also help give you a higher Flexi cash loan amount from Palmpay.


While this list is by no means exhaustive, it help paint a better picture of actionable steps you could take to get a better Flexi cash loan offer when you apply for Palmpay flexi cash loan. Do well to follow them religiously if you’re trying to get a loan amount. Always remember to repay your loan on time and this would in turn help you get better offers from Palmpay.

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