Free Google Certified CMPs for Adsense Publishers


CMP basically stands for Consent Management Providers and Google has recently announced that for Adsense, Admob and Admanager publishers, you will be required to implement a Google certified Consent Management Provider (CMP) before the 1st of February, 2024. 
The CMP must also integrate with IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) to collect user consent when you want to serve ads to users in Europe or the United Kingdom. 
This is particularly important to you if you if you are using Google Search ads products e.g Adsense for Search, Adsense for Shopping, Adsense for Domains or Programmable Search. 
In this article, I’d be providing you with the Full list of Google Certified CMPs and indicating the ones which are free and you could easily integrate without spending any extra money.
Note that beginning January 16th 2024, Google would stop serving ads in Europe and UK region for publishers that have not integrated Google Certified CMPs. 

Full List of Free Google Certified CMPs for Adsense Publishers

Certified CMP TCF CMP ID Platform
1&1 Mail & Media GmbH CMP (Private) 167 Web and app
Adevinta Spain S.L.U. CMP (Private) 129 Web
adjoe GmbH CMP (Private) 409 App
AdMetricsPro CMP 77 Web
Admiral CMP 9 Web
AdOcean CMP 104 Web and app
Adtelligent Inc. CMP 396 Web
Alma CMP (Private) 84 Web and app
ALPRED SL CMP (Private) 237 Web and app
Associated Newspapers Ltd CMP 27 Web and app
Automattic, Inc. CMP (Private) 258 App
Autoscout24 CMP (Private) 397 Web and app
Axel Springer Deutschland GmbH CMP (Private) 345 Web and app
Axeptio 260 Web
Blasting SA CMP (Private) 292 Web
Borlabs Cookie CMP 323 Web
BurdaForward GmbH CMP (Private) 35 Web and app
CCM19 CMP 343 Web
CHEQ Privacy CMP 224 Web
Ciao people s.r.l. CMP (Private) 58 Web
Clickio CMP 63 Web
Clym Inc. 213 Web
Commanders Act CMP 90 Web and app
Complianz CMP 332 Web
Consentmanager CMP 31 Web and app
Cookie Information CMP 162 Web
Cookie Script CMP 374 Web
Cookiebot CMP 134 Web and app
CookieFirst CMP 382 Web
CookieHub CMP 354 Web
CookieYes CMP 401 Web
Dailymotion CMP (Private) 105 Web
Deezer CMP (Private) 59 Web and app
Didomi CMP 7 Web and app
DPG Media CMP (Private) 411 Web
Easybrain CMP (Private) 350 App
Ebay CMP (Private) 125 Web and app
Enzuzo, Inc. 418 Web
Ethyca Inc CMP 407 Web
Ezoic CMP 299 Web
Fandom CMP (Private) 141 Web
Farlex CMP (Private) 282 Web
FastCMP 388 Web GmbH CMP (Private) 385 App
FunCorp CMP (Private) 327 App
Google consent management solutions 300 Web and app
Gravito CMP 302 Web and app
Grupa RMF CMP (Private) 330 Web
Guardian News and Media CMP (Private) 112 Web
Healthline CMP (Private) 227 Web
illow CMP 406 Web
ILOVEPDF SL CMP (Private) 417 Web
Impala CMP 303 Web and app
Infor Biznes Sp. Z o.o. CMP (Private) 294 Web
InMobi Choice CMP 10 Web and app
Interia CMP (Private) 231 Web and app
Internetowy Dom Mediowy net S.A. CMP (Private) 225 Web
Iubenda CMP 123 Web and app
Kayak Software Corporation CMP (Private) 413 Web
Ketch CMP 340 Web
Kleinanzeigen CMP (Private) 309 Web and app
Lawwwing CMP 405 Web
Learnings CMP 387 App
legal web GmbH 410 Web
Legally ok CMP 420 Web
Liveramp CMP 3 Web and app
Match Group LLC CMP (Private) 415 App
MBEX LTD CMP (Private) 414 App
Mediavine CMP 46 Web
Microsoft Corporation CMP (Private) 198 App CMP (Private) 306 Web and app
Mozilor Limited (Trading as WebToffee) 404 Web
My Agile Privacy CMP 403 Web
NitroPay CMP 242 Web
One Consent CMP 273 App
Onesecondbefore B.V. CMP 355 Web
Onetrust / Cookiepro CMP 28 Web and app
OptAd360 CMP 305 Web
Osano CMP 279 Web
Outfit7 CMP (Private) 348 App
Overwolf Ltd. CMP (Private) 246 App
Paruvendu CMP (Private) 222 Web
PrivacyPillar CMP 335 Web
Pubtech CMP 352 Web
RCS CMP 218 Web
Real Cookie Banner CMP 367 Web
Ringier Axel Springer Polska (Private) 280 Web
Securiti, Inc. CMP 312 Web
Setupad CMP 379 Web
Seven.One Entertainment Group GmbH CMP (Private) 318 Web and app CMP 247 Web
SFBX CMP 2 Web and app
Sibbo CMP 76 Web and app
Singlespot 212 App
Sirdata CMP 92 Web
Skyscanner UK Limited CMP (Private) 419 Web
Snigel Adconsent CMP 229 Web
Société Éditrice du Monde (Private) 371 Web and app
Sourcepoint Dialogue CMP 6 Web and app
Springer Nature AG & Co. KGAA CMP (Private) 416 Web
Termly CMP 412 Web
Traffective CMP 21 Web and app
Transcend CMP 399 Web and app
Tri-table Sp. z o.o. CMP 61 Web
Trustarc CMP 47 Web
TVP S.A. CMP (Private) 351 Web
Uniconsent CMP 68 Web and app
UserCentrics CMP 5 Web and app
Viber Media CMP (Private) 171 App
WebAds CMP 236 Web GmbH CMP (Private) 329 App
Wirtualna Polska Media S.A. CMP (Private) 72 Web and app
Yahoo EMEA CMP (Private) 14 Web and app


So there it is, the list of free Google Certified CMPs for adsense publishers. Make sure you register under one of them and manage your users’ consent with them to avoid loosing ads revenue. 

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