FG and ILO Join Forces to Expand Social Security

In a move promising greater security for millions, the Nigerian Federal Government (FG) has announced a landmark collaboration with the International Labour Organization (ILO) to significantly expand access to social security programs across the country.

This partnership aims to bolster existing initiatives and reach unserved populations, potentially impacting the lives of countless Nigerians.

Currently, only around 17% of Nigerians benefit from any form of social protection, a number significantly lower than the regional average of 11%.

Recognizing this critical gap, the FG and ILO have committed to working together to implement a comprehensive strategy for broadening coverage and enhancing the impact of existing programs.

Mrs Nkeiruka Onyejeocha, the Minister of State for Labour and Employment who announced the partnership, cited that everyone is entitle to social protection.

Although, specific details of the collaboration are still under development, but as per our knowledge, social security key areas of focus includes:

  • Expanding the reach of current initiatives: Programs like Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) and unemployment benefits will be scaled up to include more eligible individuals and families.
  • Developing new safety nets: Exploring innovative avenues to provide support for informal sector workers, vulnerable groups, and those residing in remote areas.
  • Strengthening institutional capacity: Building the necessary administrative and technological infrastructure to efficiently manage and deliver social security benefits.
  • Raising awareness and promoting access: Launching nationwide campaigns to inform citizens about their eligibility and encourage participation in these vital programs.

“This partnership with the ILO represents a major step forward in our commitment to ensuring social security for all Nigerians,” declared a spokesperson for the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment. “By working together, we can build a more resilient and equitable society where everyone has a chance to thrive.”

The ILO echoed this sentiment, affirming its dedication to supporting Nigeria’s efforts in achieving universal social protection. “Social security is not just a moral imperative, it’s an investment in a nation’s future,” stated a representative from the ILO’s regional office. “Expanding coverage in Nigeria will not only reduce poverty and improve livelihoods, but also contribute to greater stability and economic growth.”

The news of this collaboration has been met with cautious optimism by civil society organizations and development experts. While acknowledging the significant challenges ahead, many agree that the FG-ILO partnership presents a promising opportunity to finally address the long-standing issue of inadequate social security in Nigeria.

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