Apple Settles Russian Antitrust Dispute with $13.7 Million Payment

Russia’s FAS antitrust agency said on Monday U.S. tech giant, Apple, has paid a 1.2 billion ruble (approximately $13.7 million) fine levied by the Russian Federal Antitrust Service (FAS) in response to allegations of abusing its dominant market position in the app store payments landscape.

The FAS investigation focused on Apple’s mandatory requirement for developers to use its own in-app payment system within applications available on the App Store in Russia.

Apple In-app purchase

This practice, deemed anti-competitive by the agency, restricted developers’ ability to use alternative payment systems potentially offering lower fees or other advantages.

“This move by Apple has the potential to stifle innovation and limit consumer choice in the Russian app market,” stated a spokesperson for the FAS. “By forcing developers to use their own payment system, Apple extracts additional revenue at the expense of both developers and consumers.”

Apple, while acknowledging the payment of the fine, has not issued an official statement on the matter. However, industry analysts suggest the company may explore appealing the FAS decision or seeking adjustments to its App Store policies in Russia to comply with regulations.

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