Shettima Vows Tinubu Administration Will Tackle South-East Security Challenges

NIGERIA – Vice President Kashim Shettima on Friday assured residents of the South-East that President Bola Tinubu’s administration is committed to dismantling the “reign of terror” gripping the region.

Speaking at the launch of the Peace in South East Project (PISE-P) in Abia State, Shettima condemned the activities of “self-serving criminals” and external forces exploiting the instability for their own agendas.

He emphasized that the violence does not represent the true spirit of the Igbo people or the national interest. “This problem we face is not of your making, nor is it borne out of genuine grievances,” Shettima declared. “These are nefarious actors motivated by personal gain and fueled by external manipulation.”

The Vice President outlined President Tinubu’s two-pronged approach to restoring peace. Firstly, he pledged a decisive security response to combat the armed groups directly.

“The Tinubu administration will tackle insecurity in the South-East head-on,” he affirmed. “Our commitment is unwavering, and we will not rest until normalcy returns to the region.”

Secondly, Shettima underscored the importance of community engagement and dialogue. He commended initiatives like PISE-P which seek to address the root causes of the unrest and rebuild trust within the local population. 

“The solution lies in working together, in understanding each other’s grievances, and in fostering a spirit of unity and progress,” he stated.

Shettima’s comments come amidst escalating violence in the South-East, marked by attacks on security forces, government institutions, and civilians. The region has also witnessed growing agitation for separatism fueled by complex socio-economic and political factors.

The Vice President’s visit and his firm stance on security are seen as a significant signal of the new administration’s focus on tackling the South-East’s challenges.

However, translating promises into tangible results will depend on the effectiveness of implemented strategies and the ability to gain the trust and cooperation of the local communities.

Only time will tell if President Tinubu can truly deliver on the pledge to end the “reign of terror” and usher in a new era of peace and prosperity for the South-East.

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