How to Link NIN with Prepaid Meter in Nigeria

It’s a good thing that advancement is gradually coming to energy system in Nigeria. Not quite long ago, the Nigerian Electric Regulatory Commission (NERC) brought out a development urging Nigerians to upgrade their prepaid meter through a process called “TID Rollover“.

However, due to TID Rollover’s potentials, NERC instructed all electricity distribution companies in Nigeria to guide their customers through the upgrade processes and offer them with two (2) free “Key Change Tokens” (KCTs) essential for Prepaid Meter updates.

What is KCTs?

Key Change Tokens (KCTs) are special codes that are used to update the software on prepaid electricity meters. They are typically used when there is a change in the meter’s configuration, such as a change in the tariff plan or a key revision number. KCTs are typically provided by the electricity supplier and can be obtained online, by phone, or in person.

To use a KCT, you will need to enter the two 20-digit numbers into the meter in the sequence that they are given to you. You will need to wait a few seconds before entering each set of 20-digit numbers as each meter number is different and may need the pause to read the tokens correctly.

Here are some of the reasons why you might need to use KCTs: To update your meter’s tariff plan, To update your meter’s key revision number, To fix a problem with your meter and To activate a new meter.

What is TID Rollover?

TID rollover is a critical event that occurs when the Token Identifier (TID) value reaches its maximum value and resets to zero. The TID is a 24-bit field that is used to track the number of tokens that have been used in a prepayment meter. It is also used to prevent duplicate tokens from being used.

The TID rollover event is scheduled to occur on November 24, 2024. After this date, prepayment meters that have not been upgraded to support TID rollover will no longer be able to accept new tokens. This could cause a significant disruption to electricity and other prepayment services.

To prepare for the TID rollover event, prepayment meter manufacturers are working to upgrade their meters to support TID rollover. They are also working with prepayment service providers to ensure that their systems are ready for the event.

Consumers can also take steps to prepare for the TID rollover event by checking with their prepayment service provider to see if their meter needs to be upgraded. They can also make sure that they have enough tokens to last until November 24, 2024.

The TID rollover event is a significant event that could have a major impact on prepayment services. By taking steps to prepare, consumers and prepayment service providers can help to ensure a smooth transition to TID rollover.

Notwithstanding, people using prepaid meter in Nigeria still have the chance till November 24, 2024 to upgrade their meters’ softwares to the latest version through the TID Rollover. The current software on prepaid meters across Nigeria was set to expire by November 24, 2024.

However, an announcement was made via X formerly Twitter by one of the electricity distribution companies in Nigeria that prepaid meter owners must link their National Identification Number (NIN) to their meter before they can proceed with the upgrade.

In other words, “Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company” also known as “Ikeja Electric” has made it cleared and mandated that residents of Lagos State, Nigeria must link their NIN with their electricity prepaid meter before they can upgrade their meter through TID Rollover.

Hence, we’ve compiled this article to guide you through the process of linking NIN with your Prepaid Meter and through the process of upgrading your Meter via TID Rollover.

Linking your NIN to Prepaid Meter

Follow these steps to link your NIN with Prepaid Meter:

STEP1: Go-to your browser and visit this page: For easy access, click on here to visit the Ikeja Electric’s Smart KYC official website.

STEP2: If you don’t have an account, simply register an account using your email address and your prepaid meter’s number. After signing in, you’ll receive an email that contains your login details including your unique ID and default password.

STEP3: Login to your account via the Ie’s Smart KYC Website. You may be prompts to change your password, change it if you wish or proceed to the linking of NIN.

STEP4: In your account dashboard, tap on “Link NIN and Meter” or click this link to redirect you to the linking page immediately.

STEP5: Once you land on the page, fill in the blank space with he correct details. Input your NIN in the space “Meter User NIN”, input your NIN’s registered phone number in the space “Phone Number registered on NIN” and input your current phone number. However, do not check-in the box “Are you the Landlord” if you’re a tenant.

NIN configuration on the Ikeja Electric's Webpage

STEP6: The next page will pop out your retrieved information from the NIN data base. Carefully review the information and confirm they are correct, then tap on “Submit“.

STEP7: Lastly, you’ll be prompted to enter your Meter Number and a six (6) digits code to validate the linking process. The six digits verification code will be sent to your via registered email – open your e-mailing app to retrieve the code.

NIN Linking Confirmation

STEP 8: Input your Meter Number and the 6-digits OTP code in the required fields, tap on submit and a confirmation message will appear on your screen, informing about the successful linking.

Important Notice: Be informed that you can only link a NIN to five Prepaid Meters at a Time. To connect another meter, you will have to unlink one.

Upgrading Your Prepaid Meter

Follow these steps to upgrade your Prepaid Meter through TID Rollover:

STEP1: First and foremost, you need to get three (3) Key Change Tokens (KCTs) – a 20 digits token to upgrade your Prepaid Meter in Nigeria. The first token will format the Meter’s software and wipe out the old settings, the second token will upgrade the Meter to new software and the third token will load the purchased energy value into the Meter.

STEP2: The first “Key Change Tokens (KCTs)” is available on the Ikeja Electric’s Webpage. Visit the webpage and input your Meter Number to get the first 20-digits KCTs. Get the second and third KCTs via vending – the regular way you purchase your electric tokens. Electricity tokens purchases as from November 1st, 2023 as been served with two 20-digits tokens. That’s, the second and the third KCTs.

STEP3: If you recharge your Electricity directly from Ikeja Electric official website’s payment page, then on your next purchases, you will be given two 20-digits tokens; the second KCTs and the Third KCTs. Meanwhile, this also is application to those that recharge their Electricity via USSD code, online banking, mobile banking, or third-party websites like BuyPower, iRecharge, and Quickteller.

STEP4: On your Prepaid Meter, input the first 20-digits KCTs and press enter, input the second 20-digits KCTs and press enter, and lastly, input the third 20-digits KCTs and press enter. Once the three KCTs are inputted, your Prepaid Meter will be upgraded and the energy amount purchased will be loaded on the it.

Lastly, read our guidelines to protecting your NIN, BVN and Phone Number from scams and potential frauds.


As of November 1st, 2023, many people have had issues with their prepaid meter simply because the announcement of TID Rollover upgrade and Linking of NIN to Prepaid Meter has not gone viral.

To help in our own little way, we’ve decided to set time out to research and compiled this guide to help you with the process of linking NIN and upgrading your Prepaid Meter in Nigeria.

However, you can actually carryout these processes from the comfort of your home. You don’t need to visit the Ikeja Electric Office or any other Electricity Distribution Company to Link NIN and Upgrade your Prepaid Meter in Nigeria.

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