How to Use Google Message’s Voice Messaging Feature

In the fast-paced world of today, efficiency is paramount. The always-changing messaging program; Google Messages understands this and provides a practical substitute for text messages – voice messages.

However, these new features is now available on the Google Message and in this article, we’ll sharing the helpful guide to using Google Messages like a pro. Hence, let’s get started!

Start a Message

First thing first, you will have to start a chat in the Google Message on your phone. Any message will do. To do that, find the tiny microphone icon in the app, it’s normally setted in next to the text field. You can access voice magic through it.

Start Recording

Tap the microphone icon to bring out the tool for recording. Next, raise your voice and say something. Google Messages captures your speech with impressive clarity, whether you’re creating a thorough grocery list or sharing an amusing anecdote.

However, you don’t have to worry about being flawless; you can just lift your finger off the icon to send your message on its way, or you may pause and resume recording as necessary and as you wish.

Edit your Voice Messages

You can briefly listen through your voices on the Google Messages before you finally hit the send button to make sure your genius comes through. In other words, you can play back the message you wrote and listen through clear voice.

Hence, if you misspell a word or trying to add some clue to your message, you can simply edit your voice and include the missing element into your creation by tapping the microphone icon once more.

Tap “Send”

Once you’re done recording, reviewing and editing, in essence, when you’re ready to share your message with friend or family, hit the “SEND” button and let the sound of your voice speak for you. The lovely audio clip you send will allow the recipient to enjoy your voice eloquence.

Final words

In conclusion, it’s important to note that while recording voice messages using Google Messages, background noise should be eliminated. This factor might be the deadliest adversary of a voice communication. In other words, you will want to choose a quiet setting to make sure your words are understood clearly.

Furthermore, although Google Messages lets you record amazing voice messages, succinctness is frequently your friend. But, to keep your audience calmly interested in whatever you have to say, keep your content concise and refrain from digressing.

Lastly, voice communications are a wonderful way to transmit sensitive or complex information because they may also convey emotions and tone of voice more effectively than printed ones. Thus, don’t be afraid to give it a shot and investigate the options for giving your Google Messages interactions a more intimate feel!

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