How to Convert MTN Pulse Points to Airtime or Data

Converting or Redeeming MTN Pulse Points to Airtime or Data is a very simple process to take on your mobile phone. This can be done through USSD code or via MyMTN App. 

The pulse points is a popular tariffs plan on the MTN Network that allows subscribers to earn points on every Pulse subscriptions.

For instance, if you load a data of N500, equivalent of 1.2GB on your MTN number, you will be rewarded with 25pulse points which is enough to subscribe to 250MB night subscription plan.

However, pulse points, in addition, can be used to subscribe to airtime and data of all plans on MTN Network. And that’s what we are going to teach you in this article. Hence, make sure you read this article to the end so that you will not miss any point at all.

MTN Pulse Points

MTN Pulse Points are reward incentive program earned whenever a subscriber purchase a plan in the pulse community or complete a certain task in the community. For instance, if you make 5 minutes call per day as a pulse member, you will be rewarded with 5points.

Other tasks that can earn you pulse points on the MTN Network includes purchasing of data, inviting other subscribers to MTN Pulse, and parttakng in promotions and contests organized by MTN Pulse.

My MTN Pulse Community

Additionally, it’s important to know that the frequently you recharge and subscribe to MTN Pulse services, the more pulse points you’re eligible to earn.

In other words, MTN Pulse points are typically earned based on the amount of actions carried out on the community, with a certain number of points awarded for each specific action.

How to Convert MTN Pulse Points to Airtime

You cannot convert or redeem MTN Pulse Points to Airtime. The Pulse Points can only be redeemed to data bundles simply by dialing *406# on your MTN line.

Nevertheless, you can always borrow airtime on your MTN line if your need urgent airtime for calls. To borrow airtime, simply dial *303# on your MTN line. This is the new USSD code.

In a nutshell, MTN Pulse Points can only be redeem to data bundles. For converting to airtime, it is not possible. You can only borrow airtime on MTN if you’re out of funds to do so.

How to Redeem MTN Pulse Points to Data

Converting MTN Pulse Points to Data is possible. It can be done in two ways: via USSD and via MyMTN App. Hence, follow the steps below to redeem your Pulse points to data bundles.

Redeem via USSD

  • Dial *406# on your MTN Number
  • Choose option “7” which is Pulse Points
  • Choose option “1” which is redeem data bundles
  • Choose your prefer option depending on your point balance: “daily plans”, “weekly plans”, and “monthly plans”.
  • Next, choose your prefer plans and proceed.
  • Choose whether to pay with pulse points balance only or combination of airtime and point balance.
  • If you don’t have enough points, you can choose to pay with both points and airtime balance.
  • Next, choose one-time off if you don’t want it to auto-renew.
  • After, you will receive a notification message indicating your subscription is successful or unsuccessful due to insufficient balance.
  • The pulse points can be used to buy any data plans on the MTN Network if you have sufficient points balance.

Redeem via MyMTN App

  • Login to your “MyMTN App”. If you don’t have the app, you can download on the Google Play Store or Apple store.
  • In addition, if you don’t have the app, download and register an account using your MTN Number.
  • After which, open the MTN Mobile App and Navigate to My MTN Pulse.
  • Tap on Redeem Point Balance
  • Select your prefer Data Plan and follow the prompts to subscribe the data bundle.

How to Check MTN Pulse Points Balance

Follow these steps to check your MTN Pulse Points Balance:

  • Dial *406# on your MTN Line.
  • Choose option “7” which is Pulse Points
  • And choose option “4” which Pulse Points Balance to view your remaining points balance.

However, do note that your points balance have expiry date. If the points balance pass the timeframe set by MTN to expire and you haven’t make use of it, it will definitely be wiped off your account.

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