Google Pixel Watch: The Pro and Con of the SmartWatch

Google Pixel Watch has since been tagged the best of Android wearables. Aside the fact that it has a lustrous appearance, its admirable curves and its general virtual properties make it a perfect and audacious smartwatch just like other modern wearables.

However, does Pixel Watch worth the hype? Well, I have been using Google Pixel Watch for a while and I have a full insights that might be helpful in making your decision towards the carting. I have dilapidated the insights into pro and cons so that you can have in-depth reviews.

The Pros of Google Pixel Watch

The major reasons why people search for the advantages of a device is because they want to compare it with another similar device. Of course, Pixel Watch is an admirable Android wearable. Here are why you should get yourself one of Google’s Pixel Watch.

1. Wear OS

Wear OS is one of the Google’s Android Operating System certainly built for wearables and other smartwatches. The Google Pixel Watch previously ran on Wear OS 3 but now, it’s running on Wear OS 4, which is a very capable wearable OS with Google Play Store.

The pro is that you are given the privilege to download and install available and supported apps on the Playstore to further enhance your Pixel Watch experience. In addition, Android apps including Google Map, Spotify and Calendar are compatible with the smartwatch.

In addition to Wear OS 4 benefits on the Pixel Watches, it has an admirable interface redesigned to be more intuitive and user-friendly than Wear OS 3.

2. Fitbit Integration

Fitbit in a device is a feature that’s meant for tracking everyday health and fitness giving report about user’s active live. For example, a Fitbit device can be used to track and monitor your sleep goals.

Like many other advance smartwatches (e.g Apple Watch series 8 and Galaxy Watch 5), Pixel Watch running on Wear OS 4 has also come with Fitbit Premium – a paid Fitbit Integration that’s given for free in six months as an official member that just bought the Pixel Watch.

However, once your free six months tier is completed, you will have to continue with the membership by getting Fitbit Premium using your credit/debit card. You can also pay with Google Pay.

Google Pixel Watch's Fitbit Premium

In essence, The Google Pixel Watch’s Fitbit Premium has a workout mode, health monitoring systems and analytics that gives you access to personalized insights, advanced health metrics, guided programs, wellness reports, and more. This helps in empowering and inspiring you to healthier and a more active live.

However, all these features can be managed through a Fitbit App that’s installed on the Google Pixel Watch. Through the app, you can track your health activities including sleep rate, blood oxygen levels and heart rate on the Pixel Watch.

3. Onboard GPS

The Google Pixel Watch’s Onboard GPS is a geo-targeting and in-built GPS device that can be used with Google Pixel Android device to track your position using GPS.

Google Pixel Watch ranging from Pixel Watch 2 and Later have an Onboard GPS and power optimized motion sensors that gives you metrics about your location. For instance, the Watch can notify you if you’re running out of your target pace in a setup pace training.

The Onboard GPS also work hand-in-hand with Google Pixels Bud Pro – the noise-canceling earbuds to deliver sound clues when a certain notification is needed to be given. However, you have to connect or pair the two devices together for it to work as expected.

4. Google Assistant

Another pro or advantages of Google Pixel Watch over other smartwatches is that it support Google Assistant – a virtual assistant software application developed by Google on artificial intelligence to engage in two-way conversations.

Activating Google Assistant on Pixel Watch

With Google Assistant on Pixel Watch, you can use your voice to command the AI for digital support ranging from whether insights, to controlling smart home devices and playing music.

However, to access Google Assistant virtual office on your Pixel Watch, an internet connection is paramount. Hence, you will have to connect your Watch with WiFi or pair it with your Google Pixel Phone’s Hotspot.

5. Nice Design

Google Pixel Watch has come with amazing designs featuring stainless steel finishes, with three colors: Matte black, gold, silver.

Pixel Watch Designs

However, while some users are complaining about it circular display screen that’s measured around 1.28 inches in diameter and has a resolution of 450 x 450 pixels, some users admired it and prefer to use it because it’s not like other regular smartwatches that have a larger or more rectangular screen.

The Pixel Watch is sized at 42MM, while it’s okay for some people, it’s a bit small for some people wrists. Let’s know your opinion about this in the comments section. Would you use it like that or prefer it’s design like Oraimo Watch 3 Pro?

6. Always-on Display

Unlike regular smartwatches that turn off screen led whenever it’s of no use, the always-on display feature on Pixel Watch prevent the device screen from going dark even when you’re not using it.

However, you will have to enable this feature under settings in your Pixel Watch. On default, always-on display is turned off on the watch to extend it battery life (1st gen only).

Cons of the Google’s Pixel Watch

As some people believe that what have advantages must surely have disadvantage even if it’s one. Well, I don’t actually believe in that but I must say, Google Pixel Watch come with some disadvantages when compared with other wearables and smartwatches.

Although, no man-made stuffs are perfect, but here are some of the things I really don’t appreciate about Google Pixel Smartwatch:

1. It’s Costly

The price tag of Google Pixel Watch is quite price efficient when compared with other advance smartwatches. Imagine the WiFi-only Model of Pixel Watch is costing $349 while the LTE Model is costing at $399.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Watch 5 cost just $280 only for it WiFi-only Model. However, the Apple Watch Series 8 is more pricey than Google Pixel Watch Wi-Fi-only Model. It price is tagged at $350, as reviewed by Engadget.

2. Battery Drain Fast

One of the disadvantages of Pixel Watch I can point out is it battery life. Fairly, Google Pixel Watch has a 350 mAh battery, capable of lasting you for 24 hours on a single charge, depending on your usage. However, this analysis falls short compared to its competitors.

Turning ON Battery Saver Mode on Pixel Watch

With an always-on display, the Apple Watch Series 7 can last up to 18 hours or or up to 50 hours with a low-power mode, while the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 can endure up to 40 hours on a single charge. The Pixel Watch, on the other hand, manages up to 24 hours with the always-on display turned off.

3. Limited Apps Selection

Furthermore, it is essential to let you know that exploring the Pixel Watch, it’s worth noting that, despite seeing some expansion in its app selection on the Google Play store, it still trails behind other smartwatches when it comes to the sheer variety and number of available apps. This is especially noticeable in crucial areas like productivity and third-party watch faces.


The Google Pixel Watch stands out as a chic and well-crafted smartwatch, offering an array of health and fitness tracking features. Its seamless integration with various Google products enhances its appeal for Android users.

Despite its relatively short battery life and some missing features compared to rivals, the Pixel Watch proves to be a solid choice for those seeking a stylish and functional smartwatch aligned with their Google devices.

Ultimately, whether it’s the right fit for you depends on your unique needs and preferences. If extended battery life and an extensive feature set are priorities, alternative options may better suit you. However, for Android enthusiasts valuing style and Google services integration, the Pixel Watch remains a compelling choice.

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