Moniepoint Personal Banking Referral Program is Live: Here’s How To Get Started

It is a good thing to inform you that Moniepoint MFB has live it Referral Program, which enables individuals and business owners to earn money by inviting potential customers to the company. With Moniepoint Referral Program, you can start another business business that’s different from Moniepoint POS Agent and earn an extra way to increase your side hustling.

How does Moniepoint Referral Program Works?

If you drag another customer to Moniepoint Personal Banking Account using your special referral code or invite link, you’ll earn N5 on all your invitee bank-to-bank transfers within the first six (6) months after their account is activated.

Moniepoint Message About it referral program

However, do note that no target is required to be met, and your referral code doesn’t expire. According to Moniepoint, “It’s as simple as refer and earn!” The most interesting part of this referral program is that you’re automatically eligible. All that’s needed is app update.

How to Get Started with Moniepoint Referral Program

Follow these steps to get started with Moniepoint Referral Program and get your referral code/invite link.

  • Update your Moniepoint Business App on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • After the application is successfully updated to the latest version, open it and login your Moniepoint Account.
  • In your Moniepoint Business Dashboard, tap on “Earn from Referrals”. There, you’ll see your Referral Code and Link.
  • Next, copy the referral code or link and share it with someone you’re inviting to use the personal banking app.

When Moniepoint Accounts are created and activated through your referral code or invite link, you will begin to earn reward per bank to bank transaction of your referral networks for six good months.


Moniepoint Referral Program is an earning program for existing Moniepoint business owners/agents to earn commissions by inviting other customers to use the personal banking app. To part-take in the referral program, update your app to get your referral code/invite link, and share the code/link with your friends, colleagues and families.

However, do note that people you refer to join the program must register and activate their account using your invite link/code before you can earn commissions. It’s also essential to let you know that there is no limit to the number of people you can refer, and you can earn unlimited commissions on your referrals.

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