Moniepoint POS App: The Agent’s Business App For iPhone And Android

Moniepoint POS is one of the CBN’s approved POS companies in Nigeria. The platform recently launched an app to manage all transactions and monitor security concerns people faced with other terminals in the Mobile Money Operators (MMO) Market. Moniepoint POS App is a business app that allows Moniepoint Agents to perform various financial transactions (including bills payment, and funds transfer), address some security concerns, and check and track transactions on the POS terminal.

In other words, Moniepoint POS App otherwise known as Moniepoint Agent App and Moniepoint Business App is a mobile app that allows agent to conveniently and securely manage their POS finances and issues without the need to contact Moniepoint POS Customer Service.

In this article, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about the Moniepoint Agent App, including how to download and install the Agent App for iOS, PC and the APK for Android users, how to use Moniepoint POS App, Moniepoint Agent Login and many more.

Moniepoint Agent App

The Moniepoint POS Application can be used to change or reset your terminal’s PIN, check and track POS transaction histories, control terminal sounds, accept unintentional previously rejected transfer, view account statement, manage security and privacy concerns, carryout financial services such as funds transfer, bill payments and lot more.

Moniepoint Agent App is built and designed with cutting-edge technology to offers seamless and easy-to-access dashboard for users. Earlier this years, it was reported that Moniepoint MFB leverage Google Clouds to enhance its provision of financial services to the underbanked sectors in Nigeria. The POS app is available for download on the Google Play Store for Android users and on the Apple App Store for iPhone users.

You can also download Moniepoint POS App for PC via ATM.MONIEPOINT.COM. Kindly visit the page and you can save it on your browser or bookmark for easy access whenever you want to access your Moniepoint account on personal computer.

How to Use Moniepoint POS App

As previously highlighted, Moniepoint Agent App can be used to send and receive money easily, request for and activate your POS terminals, block your expense card, buy airtime and pay your bills, request for and activate debit cards, view your POS transactions, change or reset your POS terminal PIN, view your account transactions, update your POS settings, buy airtime and pay your bills, view debit card transactions, monitor transaction disputes and many more.

How to start using the Moniepoint Business App to Monitor POS transactions

Change your POS Terminal PIN

To change your Moniepoint POS terminal PIN, follow these simple steps;

  • Login to the Agent app dashboardand tap on POS from the Menu page.
  • Tap on View More and click on Change Terminal PIN.
  • An OTP code will be sent to your registered phone number. Confirm the verification code and tap Next.
  • Input your Business PIN (Transfer PIN – 4 digits) and new Terminal PIN (5 digits).
  • Tap Proceed to complete your Actions.
  • Lastly,Restart your POS terminal to activate the new change.

This is exactly how to change your Moniepoint POS terminal PIN via the Agent Business App. This helps ensure that more security is priotised over your terminal and also ensures that only can access the POS terminal.

View your Account Statement

You can use the agent app to view your Moniepoint Account Statement. Here’s how;

  • Login to your Moniepoint POS App and tap on the Menu page.
  • Tap on More Account Business Account.
  • Input your 4-Digits Transaction PIN to access the Account Statement page.
  • Tap on Account Statement to view Transaction History.
  • You can Download or Print the account statement for reference.

These are just the simple steps to view your transaction history, view account statement, and download/print the statement on the Moniepoint POS Agent App.

Dispute a Transaction

Follow the steps highlighted below to successfully dispute a transaction on the Moniepoint Business App.

  • Login to your Moniepoint Business App for Agent.
  • Tap on POS Transactions on the Dashboard.
  • Find and click on the Transaction in Question.
  • Scroll down to choose the Retry Reversal option or Accept the POS Transfer.

However, it’s important to know that the reversal button only appear if the automatic retries for the transaction have exceeded. Furthermore, it’s important to also know that transfer that’s disputed may take up to two business days before Moniepoint POS customer support service look to the situation.

Set Terminal Sounds

The Moniepoint Agent App can also be used to set or edit terminal sounds for enhanced security. The POS terminal sounds notifies agent about any action that’s taken during transaction processing. For instance, the terminal will sound an alarm when customers input their card PIN or when customers tries to change the initial amount set on the terminal.

Additionally, the terminal sound also notifies agent whenever a deposit is made to the POS account. In a nutshell, the Moniepoint POS Terminal’s Sound is for the purpose of raising an alarm when you don’t know what’s happening on your terminal or when you are not looking.

However, follow these simple steps to set terminal sound on Moniepoint POS App;

  • Login to your Moniepoint Business App and tap on More from the Menu page.
  • Tap on Admin and input your POS Terminal PIN to access the admin dashboard.
  • Select Update Device Sound & Duration and choose a preferred sound level and tap Save.

Once you’re done setting the sound feature on your Moniepoint POS Terminal, the terminal security beeps when a customer cancels or seems to tamper with your transaction.

How to Download Moniepoint Agent App

The Moniepoint POS App is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store for both Android and iOS users respectively. To download Moniepoint app is simple; just follow the steps highlighted below to simply download and install the Moniepoint Agent App for your POS Business.

Download Moniepoint POS App For iPhone

The Moniepoint POS App for iOS is currently available at version 1.3.6, and it’s available for downloading and installation on the Apple app store for iPhone and iPad users. To download this business app, go-to App store on your iPhone, use the search bar to find ‘Moniepoint Business’, tap the Get button to start the installation on your device.

Once the installation is complete, tap Open ro launch the app and proceed with the Moniepoint POS Registration.

Download Moniepoint POS App For Android

To download Moniepoint agent app for android, open the Google Play store on your Android device, use the search bar to search for Moniepoint Business, tap on the suggestion and tap Install to start downloading the POS App. Once the installation is complete, you can launch the app to begin with your POS registration.

Download Moniepoint POS APK

APK simply means Android Package Kit. Moniepoint POS APK can be downloaded from APK stores. Here, I’ll list some trusted AKP stores you can download the Moniepoint Agent App for Business.

  • APKCombo
  • AKPToy
  • APKSupport
  • Softonic
  • iOdroid.Net

To download the Moniepoint POS APK, kindly visit any of the APK stores listed above, use the search bar to search for Moniepoint Business Banking, confirm that it’s really Moniepoint Agent App, tap on Download to begin installing the APK.

Moniepoint POS App For PC

To use Moniepoint POS on PC, visit on your computer browser; this is where you can access the Moniepoint Agent Login. Now, sign-in to your business account using your unique username/business name and password.

You can keep the URL in your PC browser’s bookmark for future benefits. Currently, Moniepoint MFB hasn’t designed any app for widescreen devices. All you need to access the Moniepoint Agent Login Dashboard is using the Moniepoint official website.

Moniepoint POS Registration

If you want to register your POS account to the business app, kindly follow these steps to login to the POS app easily;

  • Open the Moniepoint Agent App on your Smartphone.
  • Input your Moniepoint POS Account’s Username and Password.
  • Then tap Login button to access your Account Dashboard on Mobile App.

Once you’ve login successfully to the agent app, you can begin to monitor your POS transactions on the go.

How much is Moniepoint Android POS

Moniepoint Android POS is a type of point-of-sale terminal that runs on Android Operating System. This works typically by downloading the Moniepoit Agent App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and connect it with Moniepoint Card Reader.

The Moniepoint Android POS is also known as Moniepoint MPOS. This is a new type of financial solution that’s built for faster, reliable and more secure card payment.

Furthermore, Moniepoint Android POS is also offered like an Android devices whereby it possesses all smartphone features including camera, speakers, touch screen, charger and charging port. Unlike Moniepoint MPOS that uses Agent App, the AndroidOS POS card reader is built-in.

Moniepoint Android POS KIT

Speaking of how much it’d cost to buy a Moniepoint Android POS in Nigeria; the MPOS is priced at N40,000 in Nigeria. This price includes the device itself, a charging cable, and a user manual. However, the Android POS possesses almost the same features but more faster to operate than normal terminal.

Moniepoint POS Customer Care Number

To contact Moniepoint POS Customer Service, use any of the medium highlighted below;

To get quick response, call the Moniepoint Customer Care Number during the business hours. Getting in-touch with them through other means may take up to two business days before you get a reply.

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