Top 5 Businesses for Children in Nigeria

Are you looking for business ideas your children can venture into in Nigeria? If Yes, then you’re in the right article. Here, I’ve explored five businesses that make children become entrepreneur. Depending on their skills, capacity, potentials and passions, children can land a very successful business in Nigeria.

LSS, here are businesses for Children in Nigeria:

1. Modelling

Children Modelling

Modelling is a very lucrative business in Nigeria for children. Participating in children modelling competition helps secure modelling contract with local or international modelling agencies. However, if your child modelling skills is unnoticed, you can build or create a portfolio that showcases what he/she does.

Modelling portfolio and a social media presence with large followers attract modelling opportunities. Modelling as a business not only gives a valuable source of income but also teaches children valuable skills such as confidence, public speaking, and networking.

2. Brand Influencing

A child Influencing designer products

This is another business idea good for children in Nigeria. Most children that have made it to the apex of their careers always end up being brand ambassadors or influencing a brand. To do this, such child must have a presence in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

Furthermore, he/she must also leverage the social media presence to get brand influencing contract. Brand influencing business is a growing business trend in Nigeria. So, venturing into it really worth your child’s time.

In addition to building social media presence to maximize child’s earning potential, he should create engaging contents and build a strong followers. He can then partner with brands to promote their products or services and earn money through sponsorship or commissions.

3. Acting

Children in the film industry

Diving into the Nigeria Film industry is another lucrative business for Children. The Nigeria Movie industry is the largest in Africa and one of the top three largest in the world. So, venturing into it really worth your child’s time.

The film industry has numerous opportunities for young and talented actors. Many of the popular actors in the Nollywood industry started their career young, with a strong sense of dedication to their work they have built a reputation for themselves and have also proven their worth in the movie industry.

A good example is Regina Daniel. She started acting at the age of seven and has since gone on to become one of the most popular actresses in Nigeria Movie Industry today. Hence, I decided to include acting as on the best business for children in Nigeria.

4. Music

A girl singing

Nigeria Music Industry is also doing well for children in Nigeria. The Music Industry is classified into different genres ranging from afrobeat, juju, gospel, fuji, highlife, and hip-hop, just to mention but a few. Like I said earlier, no only adults are making it in the music industry, I’ve also seen children excelling in this industry, especially in hip-hop and gospel music.

Music Industry has played an important role in the social-economy world of Nigeria. Example of child that has made it through Music in Nigeria is Ozzy Bosco. Hence Music is one the business children in Nigeria can venture into.

5. Sport

Kid soccer

Sports is the most famous activity among children in Nigeria, and it’s one of the most lucrative business opportunity for children who are talented and passionate about sports. Children can explore different sports such as football, basketball, tennis, or athletics and participate in local and national tournaments.

The Nigeria football association (NFA) for example is a good organization that offers great opportunities for children that are talented in football as they have various categories that give chances to children especially children in their teens’ age to have an excellent career in football. Same to some other track events and field events.


The business opportunities available for children in Nigeria are diverse and exciting. The 5 business ideas discussed are sport, modelling, music, acting, and Influencing. Do you love what you just read? Please share to your friends and family. Also drop a comment before you leave.

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