Top 10 Most Lucrative Businesses in Ghana


Are you seeking out for lucrative business ideas in Ghana? If yes, continue reading to get an answer to your search queries.

Ghana is a good place to start a business, and make money. There are lots of factors that encourage the growth of business in the country. 

No wonder why there has been a massive increase in the flow of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the country. Ghana continues to position herself as an attractive place for businesses to boost.

Sorry! I don’t mean to border you with unnecessary stories. So without much Ado, let’s dive into the list of the top 10 most lucrative business ideas in Ghana for both citizens and immigrants.

Here are the top 10 most lucrative business ideas in Ghana:

  1. Microlending
  2. Poultry Farming
  3. Photography
  4. Rentalservice
  5. Unisexhair salon
  6. Carwashing service
  7. Sellingof Mobile phone and Accessories
  8. Agriculturaland agro-processed products
  9. Courierservices
  10. Drivingschool

Let’s get started!


As the name implies, micro means small and lending means borrowing money. Micro-lending is one of the most lucrative business in Ghana.

To start Microlending business in Ghana, you’ll need a lot of start-up capital. Many businessmen and women in the country tend to obtain loans from financial institution to fund their businesses.

However, the requirements imposed by these financial Institutions made it impossible for this startups to raise funds for their businesess, which means they fall back to the micro lenders.

Therefore, Microlending is a is very lucrative business in Ghana, and it will help if you do a background check before giving a loan to any of your clients.

To maximize Microlending business in Ghana, build a lending app, and upload it to Google Play store and Apple App store, and also make sure that all legal requirements are necessary.

Poultry Farming

This business idea is lucrative and at the same time requires little startup capital to start the journey in Ghana. Every day, almost everyone in Ghana eat meat and there is always more than one event that requires the use of meat.

Besides involving in animals farming for meat, you can also do egg businesess inside of poultry farming. Rearing alot of chickens can produce you many creates of eggs per day.

In summary, there are lots of opportunities in poultry farming, especially when it’s practice in Ghana where almost everyone in the country loves egg and meat.


Photography has become one of the most booming business idea in Ghana. To become successful a good photographer, you need a good quality camera and the ability to be creative and edit these photos to make everything exciting for your clients.

Furthermore, to maximize your photography business in Ghana, build an online presence, showcase your work to people on page , the more they reach out to you, the more money you make.

Luckily, you might even become some VIPs’ official photographer. Instagram and Pinterest is a good place to showcase your photography skills in Ghana.

Rental service

The rental service is another profitable and lucrative business in Ghana. All you have to do is build a reputation, once you are known for this business, people will start patronizing you often.

Here are some of the products needed to start a rental service in Ghana:

  • Canopies
  • Plastic chairs
  • Cutleries
  • Cookingutensils
  • Ladder
  • Vacuumcleaner
  • Musicbox
  • Tables
  • Truck
  • WaterDispenser and lot more

Unisex hair salon

This is another lucrative business in Ghana for men and women to make daily money. The fact is that almost everyone visit hair salon shop to correct their appearance and how they look good.

As a unisex hair salon owner in Ghana, you can make 6 to 8 figure from styling hair or cutting hair for your clients. This business don’t necessarily needs a lot of startup capital, you can start small with little capital and expand over time.

Car washing service

This is a lucrative business to start up in Ghana to earn a living. It actually requires little capital, and all that’s needed to start this business is car washing machine (just like water pump).

The interesting part of this business is that you don’t necessarily need to wash car yourself, as you can just pay people to render the services. There is always a demand for car owners to get their cars washed, so it is sure that you can get clients daily

Selling of Mobile phone and Accessories

Mobile phones and it accessories cannot run out of market because this business is massively increasing due to number of owners that’s increasing daily, and how eager they need them.

However, to start a mobile phone and accessories business in Ghana, you’ll need a huge start up capital to stock your shop. Once your store is stocked with goods and products, you can start gaining lots of profits from it.

Agriculture and Agro-processed products

Agriculture is one the most important factor in human life. Almost everyone needs agriculture and its products for survival. Infact, it’s one of the important sector that boost Economy system of a country.

Therefore, if Agriculture is essential in our day-to-day living, implementing this business idea will be a great source of income for you because people will always need it products and patronize you in this business.

To start selling of Agro-processed products, you’ll need start from growing crops to harvesting and processing to finished products and final consumers. But there’s lots of profit, and it’s all worth your time and capital.

Courier services

Courier service is another effective and lucrative business idea in Ghana to make money offline. Doing this business, you aim to solve problems from goods deliveries.

Courier service business involve delivering of goods from one place to another within the city, or one city to another, or country to country. However, delivery locations depends on how advanced you are in the business.

Starting a courier business in Ghana requires little startup capital. You can get high profits if managed well because people will always want to move their products from one place to another.

Driving school

Opening a driving school in Ghana is a lucrative and effective business idea because many people want to know how to drive a car.

However, registration for this business is overwhelming for someone just venturing into a business. This is so because you must acquire certain certifications from different governmental bodies. 

But once you passed these processes, you can start introducing classes for various vehicles available in your school. Finally, if your teachings are very good, customers will always be ready to enroll in your school.


You don’t need to bother yourself looking for jobs in Ghana. Choosing from these curated list of lucrative business, you can maximize your earning potentials. If you have a different paying businesess you’re doing that’s more lucrative, you can share with us in the comments section.

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