Konga Affiliate Program: Beginners Guide to Earn Passive Income

Konga is one of the most popular online retail stores in Nigeria. The e-commerce platform is well known for it offering of a wide variety of products such as electronics, clothes, computer accessories, kitchen utensils and many more.

Konga also offers an affiliate program that enables individuals and businesess to earn money online when they drive sales to the company.

The Konga affiliate program is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online in Nigeria. All you need to do is promoting Kongo products and services, and you’ll commissions when products are purchased through your referral links.

So, if you’re a Freelancer, Blogger or Digital Marketer, this online referral program offered by Konga can be an effective way to earn additional income online in Nigeria.

Konga affiliate program will let you turn your online presence into a revenue-generating machine. You’ll be able to promote products and services through your unique referral link, which you share on your online presence such as blog, social media pages e.t.c.

However, Konga affiliate program commission rate varies depending on several impact including categories of product, price of product, delivery terms and conditions, and conversation rates.

Benefits for Joining Konga Affiliate Program

Here are reasons you should consider participating in Konga referral program as an affiliate marketer:

1. Konga affiliate program is an effective way to Earn Passive Income: As a Konga affiliate marketer, you can earn a commission on every sale generated from your referral link. The more people you refer, the more more money you earn.

2. Konga provide Tools and Resources for Easy Tracking and Payment: Konga provides affiliate marketers with easy tools and resources for easy tracking and reporting, and to monitor the performance of their referral links.

The platform also provides variety of payment options including PayPal, Payoneer, and wire transfer to affiliate marketers for easy cash out. In addition, payments are made monthly to your preferred payment bank.

3. Konga sell a wide variety of products and services: The Nigerian e-commerce store, Konga sells several products and services, including electronics, gadget, computers, fashion, home and living, and many more. This gives affiliate marketers the flexibility to choose what they want to promote based on their audience’s interests.

4. No investment is required to participate in the referral program: Unlike starting a business or investing in the stock market or bitcoin, participating in Konga affiliate program requires no capital or investment.

All that’s needed to get started is an engaging niche blogging website or any online presence with a large number of followers having the same interest, to offer or promote Konga products and services.

5. Konga affiliate program gives opportunity for growth and scalability: Konga earning program will gives affiliate marketers opportunities for growth in such a way that you build stronger and trustworthy audiences because you promote good and quality products.

Furthermore, when you’ve a stronger and trustworthy audiences, you can begin to maximize your earnings and scale your business.

Cons of Konga affiliate program.

However, as Konga affiliate program possesses some good impacts on affiliate marketers, it also have it consequences. Here are the downsides of Konga affiliate program:

  1. The earning program is too competitive with other affiliate marketers.
  2. Unlike Network Marketing, Konga affiliate program needs continually products promotion to continually growing your money.
  3. You must have a large number of followers with similar interests to make money online through Konga affiliate program.
  4. Konga return policy might be a hindrance on affiliate marketers. You cannot earn commission when products are returned.
  5. There are probabilities to encounter potential unethical behavior for some affiliate marketers.

How to become a Konga affiliate marketer.

Konga allows affiliate marketers to turn their website, blog, or social media presence into a revenue-generating machine. To participate in Konga affiliate program, you’ll need to meet some certain requirements to join the earning program.

Requirements to Join Konga affiliate program.

Here are requirements to participate in Konga affiliate program in Nigeria and earn a passive income online:

1. Blogging website or large followers of online presence: To become a Konga affiliate marketer, you’ll need to an online platform such as blogging website, YouTube channel, social media pages e.t.c. where you can promote Konga products and services.

2. Mindset: You’ll also need to have a good mindset. That’s, you must be ready and have the ability to promote Konga’s products as an affiliate marketer. In addition, you must eliminate any unethical or fraudulent behavior.

3. Digital marketing skills: To promote Konga’s products and services, you must have good digital marketing skills and abilities to promote the products effectively.

Here are steps to becoming a Konga affiliate marketer and earn money online in Nigeria:

1. Register an Account: Firstly, to join Konga affiliate program, you’ll need to visit Konga’s website to sign-up an affiliate marketer’s account.

2. Get unique affiliate links and banners: Once your account registration is successful, you’ll be given a unique referral codes, links and banners that can be use to promote Konga’s products and services.

3. Promote Konga’s products and services: Use your unique referral links and banners on your online presence (blogging website, social media pages, YouTube channels e.t.c.) to promote Konga’s products and services.

4. Track sales performances: Use tools and resources provided by Konga to monetor the performance of your referral links & banners and make necessary adjustments to see results.

5. Get paid: Once you’ve set up your business with Konga affiliate program, you can begin making money any time a sales is generated through your referral link. Payments are made monthly for commission earned.

However, do note that affiliate marketers must meet a minimum payout threshold of 10,000 Naira before payments are issued to their submitted bank account.

In summary: Konga Earning Program.

Konga affiliate program is a great opportunity for beginners, progressionals and businesess looking to earn passive income online in Nigeria. Simply by promoting Kongas’ products and services, you can earn commissions and this can be an effective and active passive income stream for individual affiliate marketers in Nigeria.

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