How to Find Bank Account Number Using Linked Mobile Number in Nigeria

To open a bank account in Nigeria requires some essential documents including phone number. A phone number is needed and linked to your bank account so that you can receive every transaction alert and so that you’ll be able to perform USSD transactions.

However, many people do not know their bank account number off hand. Some save it on their phone and some write it somewhere. In some cases, you might lost your phone or misplaced the paper, how will you get your account number?

In this situation, don’t let the rigors of Nigerian Banks haunts you. Do not give up on how to check your Nigerian bank account number using your phone number. There are many banks in Nigeria, and Nigerians are widely dispersed among the several banks. Many Nigerians use multiple accounts and forget their account numbers; it is not a crime.

If you want to find/get/know your account number through phone number linked to your bank in Nigeria, then you need to continue reading this post to the end. In this article, I’ve compelled every possible means to find bank account number via linked mobile number.

Here are ways to find bank account number via linked phone number in Nigeria;

Find via USSD

Almost all Nigeria Banks implement the use of Telecommunications USSD codes to carryout banking services within their domain. This method can also be used to check your bank account number if you’ve activated USSD transaction on your linked mobile number.

Once you’ve registered USSD transaction on your bank phone number, all you have to do is dial the code and check your bank account details. Here are some Nigerian Banks USSD codes to check Account Number.

  • Union Bank USSD Code: Dial *826# then follow the onscreen prompts to get your account number.
  • WEMA Bank USSD Code: Dial *945*000# using your bank registered phone number.
  • Fedelity Bank USSD Code: Use *7700# to check your Fidelity bank account number.
  • First Bank USSD Code: Dial *894*00# on your registered mobile number and your account number will be displayed.
  • Access Bank USSD Code: Dial *901# on your phone, follow the instructions laid down and access bank account number will be displayed.
  • FCMB USSD Code: Dial *329# using your registered mobile number, then you’ll receive SMS showing your GTB account number.
  • Ecobank USSD Code: Use the ECO Bank USSD Code *326# and follow the prompt.
  • GTBank USSD Code: Dial 7376*1# on your phone. Then, you’ll receive a message showing the account number.
  • UBA USSD Code: Dial *919# on your mobile device, then follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Zenith Bank USSD Code: Dial *966*00# on your phone and input your Eazy banking pin or the last four digits on your ATM card. A text message will be sent showing your account balance and account number.
  • Sterling Bank USSD Code: Dial *822*8# with your Sterling bank registered phone number, and enter the last four digits of your master card or mobile banking pin to authorize the service. Then, you’ll receive SMS containing your bank account number.
  • Jaiz Bank USSD Code: Dial *773# on your registered phone number to check Jaiz bsnk account number.
  • Heritage Bank USSD Code: Dial *322*030# using the phone number linked to your bank account, select the “check account balance” option and the account details will be sent to your inbox.
  • Keystone Bank USSD Code: Dial *7111*1# on the mobile number linked to your bank, input your pin, and you’ll be provided with the account number onscreen.
  • Polaris Bank USSD Code: Dial *833*1# on your Polaris bank registered phone number, then uou’ll receive a message showing your bank balance and your full account details including name and account number.

Find on Bank Mobile App

Your bank mobile application is another easy way of checking your number linked to your bank account. Once you’ve downloaded and activated the App, log into your bank account and go to your profile. Under profile, you’ll see every details about your account therein, including bank account number, name, phone number, BVN, and full names.

Once you get the registered number linked to your bank account, you can then use USSD to get your account number. But the account number is already provided in your bank mobile app.

Find on Bank Social Media Pages

The importance of social media cannot be underrated in the 21st century. Almost all Nigeria Banks have provided a way for customers to check their account number through their social media platform. It is the easiest way to check your account number. But it takes time, though.

All you have to do is to go to your bank official social media handles (e.g Twitter or Facebook) and contact them. I prefer using Twitter because they respond faster there. You can get your bank social platform username from their official website. They will also require you to provide some identification information as proof of ownership before they send the account number it to you.

Get via SMS

You can get your bank account details via SMS using registered phone number linked to that bank. For instance, you can send an SMS with “Myaccount” to 08076665555 from your registered phone number to get GTBank Account Number. 

However, do note that standard SMS rates may apply using this method. Afterwards, you’ll receive an SMS showing your bank account number including every details attached to it.

Visit your Bank Branch

You can visit your bank branch near you and talk to a hand-on-desk customer care service that’s on sit. The customer service representative will be able to give you your account number by providing required information about your account.

Contact your Bank Helplines

You can also contact your bank helpline to help you retrieve your bank account details. You can contact them via email, call or via website.

Here are some bank customer service numbers and means of communication:

  • Access Bank: Call 07002255222377, +234 1 2712005, +234 1 2712006,  +234 1 2712007 or +234 1-2802500 to speak with a customer care agent of Access Bank. You can also a send a direct message to @accessbank_help on Twitter. Moreso, you can email Access Bank via and request your account number.
  • FCMB: You can get in touch with FCMB helpline via email at or call any of these phone numbers to speak with an agent. 07003290000, 01-2798800.
  • UBA: You can speak with a customer care agent through the bank’s Email address or their Live chat platform. – Email address and Phone Numbers +234 1 6319822, +234 700 2255 822, +234 1 280 8822.
  • Sterling Bank: The customer service representative will be able to give you your account number if you also request via email at Phone: 01-4484481-5, 014489470-94
  • Polaris Bank: You can speak with a customer care agent on this number 0806 988 0000.
  • Stanbic IBTC: You can speak with a customer care agent via 0700 CALL STANBIC (0700 2255 782 6242) or +234-1-2709676. Or get in touch via email at
  • Providus Bank: You can talk to a customer service representative on 0700PROVIDUS; 070077684387 or 0123677. You can also reach a customer care representative through or their website.
  • Citi Bank: You can contact a customer service representative on these lines at +23412798400 or +23414638400 or contact them via email at to collect your account number.You can also visit their website at

Request via In-app Chat widget

This is another option to request your bank account details. You can login to your bank mobile app and use the in-app chat widget to chat with a customer representative.

Your details will not be required because the app will have submitted all your information at the beginning of the conversation. All you need to do is request your account number and phone number attached to it.

Final Thoughts; getting your account number is very important to receive payment from your family and friends. If you don’t know your account number, it’ll be difficult to complete the receiving of payment. Through all the methods explained in this article, you can simply find and get your bank account details.

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