Art and NFT Economy: Artists are Making Money

The popular Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Eco-system is still boosting despite having many critics. The NFT marketplace has seen huge increase in sales ranging from 100 million U.S dollars to a significant 22 billion U.S dollars in last year.

For Artists, it’s a great opportunity of making money at Although, I’m still coming to that. Just keep reading to know everything about making money with NFT Arts.

However, the most important benefits of NFTs is the Financial Freedom it gives to Creators (Artists). If you don’t believe me, you can go to Twitter to search “NFTs”  to find plenty of posts regarding the opportunity of earning money by selling art as NFTs.

Meanwhile, to start making money from Non-Fungible Tokens is not necessarily requires any middleman such as galleries and institutions like Opensea, which cut Creators’ Earnings. In order words, the mechanism of NFTs eliminates these requirement.

Furthermore, minting a Non Fungible Token is a very simple task. Infact, you as a beginner creator can create an NFT Arts and make money in an intuitive way.

Thanks to Blockchain Technology that offers this type of DeFI element to Creators. However, NFTs isn’t for financial freedom only, but artists/creators are also beginning to use Non-Fungible Tokens as a great way of raising awareness and money for some causes. That’s to say, the transparency and huge income earning potential NFT offers to artists and creators is superb.


For professional artists and creators looking to sell NFT art, it is pretty effortless to mint and sells it. But for beginners that are unsure which type of arts you want to mint into NFTs, then you can check out the other non-fungible token collection to get the idea.

For a start into the NFT marketplace, you’ll certainly need an Ethereum wallet funded with Ether to cover the transaction and minting fees. Additionally, an account at the NFT marketplace platform will be required for creating the NFTs and selling your artwork.

However, you must make sure that the NFT marketplace you using must support ETH.wallet you plan to use. Moreso, make sure that you are not picking up the typical web service wallet where you can rest your password.

After, you’ll meet to find your crypto wallet with some assets to pay for necessary transactions charges and minting fees (also known as gas fees). 80% of most popular NFT Marketplace (such as Opensea) required users to pay with Ethereum. So, if you’re choosing a cryptocurrency wallet, choose a secure Ethereum wallet.

The steps of creating the non-fungible token (NFT) and selling it is similar on all the marketplace. It requires you to add the ideal information about the NFT art you want to sell and then pay the gas fee to showcase your artwork.

Once you create a non-fungible token, you can sell it through auctions. It is up to you whether you want to set a minimum price for your artwork or want to sell it in an open auction. In order words, all the necessary tools to create and sell your NFT are available on popular NFT marketplace.

Make Money Selling NFT Art

The question is “How Much Money Can I Make Selling Art As NFT?” You should know that for some of the artists and creators, the money they are making is outstanding, while for others creators, selling their art as NFTs is quite a profitable way of getting a passive income.

NFT art is like a hobby, that’s, it is just like the traditional art system in which the financial success of the art will be different from one person to another. If you are a talented artist or creators with a good following on social media platforms, you can do pretty well by selling NFTs on Marketplace and share your page with your followers.

Even with that, there is no particular advice or guide that will lead you to higher success or make a high income. But, if you’re passionate about making money through your artwork, work towards it and you’ll surely get good results.

However, always remember that “The NFT marketplace has seen a surge in sales ranging from 100 million U.S dollars to a significant 22 billion U.S dollars last year.” So, if NFT is not profitable, it wouldn’t had seen such a huge profit in 2022.


In conclusion, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are speculative investments, which means that the volatility in the NFTs is pretty wild. Infact, the createing of NFTs requires higher investments, so you don’t have to empty your pocket in this process to become rich through NFTs. 

Lastly, you should know that this is the era of revolution and disruption, so shifting to using NFTs can make them wealthy or vice versa. Thanks for reading this article, I believe you’ve learned one or two? Share this article with your network on social media platforms. Cheers!

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