How to resolve the issues of Money credited but not showing in Balance in Nigeria Banks

Have you ever been credited to your GTBank Account, FCMB, Zenith Bank account, Sterling Bank account, First Bank account, UBA Account, and many other bank in Nigeria, but the money is not adding up to your balance? Then, you’re not alone.

There are lots of people out there having the same issues; money will be transferred to your bank account but it will not reflect in the bank balance, you might be a little confused.

The Normal proceed is that, when a recipient send money to your bank account, you’ll get a credit alert via SMS or Email, and your bank balance will be updated with amount. But in some cases, it goes the other way round, whereby money is sent to account but it’ll never added despite that you received credit alerts.

This is caused several reasons including network issues, fake alert, server problems, outstanding debit, e.t.c. In this article, I’ve compiled various reasons-why Money credited to your bank account won’t reflect in your balance, and solutions to the problems.

This information is applicable to all bank in Nigeria including Kuda Bank, GTB, FCMB, UBA, First Bank of Nigeria, Wema Bank, Sterling Bank, Fidelity Bank, Polaris Bank, Access Bank, Ecobank, Providus Bank, Globus Bank, Zenith Bank and more other banks in Nigeria.

Money Credited But Not Showing In Balance (GTB, FCMB, UBA, Access Bank, Zenith Bank) and More

Here are reasons money credited into your Nigeria bank account but not showing in the account balance, and how to resolve these issues.

Fake alert

Fake alert has become one of the daily loses entrepreneurs encounter these days. It’s one of the major reasons your bank account balance is not updated when you receive credit alert. The credit alert you believed you received is a fake alert sent through spamming applications.

The Fake SMS alert app is a spamming application that possesses all the features that allow users to send bank alert that mimics original bank SMS alert. If you get this type of credit alert, you bank account balance will definitely not be updated.

To resolve this issues, you need to avoid. Don’t fall victim of fraudulent individuals who have access to Fake SMS Alert app. Have your bank mobile app installed on your smartphone, so anytime you want to receive payment, you can easily confirm via your bank app.

Even if scammer send you fake alert, though, you can see fake sms, but it cannot send your fake Email and it’ll never reflect on your account balance. So, confirm your payment on your bank mobile app before you continue with your deal.

Network problems

This is part of the major reasons-why your account balance has not been updated with the latest credit made into it. Network Issues are common among Nigeria Banks. Mostly, when you send money from one bank to another bank, the transaction might delay due to temporary network problems.

To get over bank network issues in Nigeria, you might need to wait a few minutes or hours and check your account balance whether it’s been updated with the credit.

However, if you’ve waited for 24 hours, and money had not been updated in your account balance, you should contact your bank customer care representative via email or hand-on-desk customer care service via bank branch.

They will tell you what to do. You maybe asked to tell the sender to contact his/her bank, and in some cases, you maybe asked to wait for 7 working days for reversal.

Outstanding debt

Outstanding debt balance is another factor that causes “Money credited but not showing in Balance”. If you’re owing your bank some certain amount of money, when your account get credited, the money maybe deducted immediately.

However, all the transaction receipt will be available on your dashboard, and you will get credit alert of the fund received and debit alert immediately for payment of outstanding loan.

To solve this type of bank issues, you need to pay all your outstanding loans on both your bank account or another bank account. Although banks and other financially institutions don’t have access to your bank account through your BVN, but Nigeria Credit Bureau and CBN does.

Book balance

Mostly, this factor is applicable to current account or account that have book balance. In some cases, money sent to your account might be in the book balance, and not yet updated in your available balance.

Although, this is not really an issues, but you may have to wait few minutes or hours before the money get credited into your main available balance.

Faulty bank server

If your bank online or internet banking is having server problems, you might experience delay in receiving funds into your bank account. But all will be sorted out after the server issues are fixed.

Most of it all, do not be patient for more than 24 hours. After 24hrs and nothing has surfaced, please contact your bank via their means of communication to log a complain.

Tip: If issues like these persist, I highly recommend you to wait for a day or two before you continue transactions on your bank. You can use alternative bank or pend your payments.


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